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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by frjonah, Feb 14, 2013.

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    I'm finally biting the bullet and transforming our printshop into a designed space rather than a simply utilitarian hodgepodge and part of the process will be setting up my design workstation in an intelligent way. I'd love to see some designer's workstations, especially how you juggle your pen input devices with keyboards, mice, etc. I can't seem to find a setup that feels natural...

    I need to arrange 3 lcds, 1 Mac Pro, 1 pc (for rarities), 1 iMac and loads of useful peripherals in a clean sort of way... And sometimes I drop my mbp into the mix when I've done some work elsewhere... What do you pros out there do? Setup pics would be great, especially those showing Wacom integration.

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    I find that the depth of the desk is important when dealing with large size Wacoms.
    Then your display becomes a factor.
    Our set-ups are Apple 30s Dual and the Wacom is always placed to the right cause the desks are not deep enough.
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    Thanks for the tip... I've been working with the keyboard behind the Wacom and, while it works, that layout seems to disincentivize keyboard use due to the awkwardness of it all. I love how on the Wacom, though, I can leave my arm rested on the surface and it still recognizes gestures... that's slick, though the tracking in PS can be a little wonky.

    I'd love to see a picture of your setup :)
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    At work we have a few. The one I stated was the Graphic Designers.
    The photography guy has two 24s and likes to squeeze it between keyboard and display. Not a fan of that.
    I dont use the Wacom as much in the production studio. We have the deskspace but opted for no Wacom.

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    Jim Campbell


    15" MBP in BookEndz dock on Griffin laptop stand; 24" Cintiq HD; Apple Wireless Extended KB; fairly ancient Epson something-or-other scanner.


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    Thanks, Jim! So you draw on the cintiq upright? Is that pretty comfortable? I'd be afraid my arms would tire out. Btw... I'm a Campbell as well :)
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    Jim Campbell

    I have it upright when I use it as a normal monitor (I'll do small re-touches and very occasional freehand flourishes in this position) -- you can release the stand so that the screen drops forward and use it with the bottom edge resting on the base, or pull it right forward and pivot it so that it's basically flat.

    Cool! :)



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