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Desktop text distortion?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by EGT, May 17, 2004.

  1. EGT
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    Hi there,

    The text below the icons on my desktop has a distorted shadow below it. The normal shadow is there but there is also a much thicker shadow along the button and on the sides of the text. It goes away if i select all the icons,
    but it keeps coming back. :mad:

    I was just wondering is this a graphics card issue or is it just the simple matter of updating the graphics card drivers? If so where do i do it? (ATI Radeon 9600 64mb)

    Is this a common problem with the PBs?

    Thank you!
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    press Apple+option+escape then select Finder and relaunch

    works every time.
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    I've seen this a couple of times on my powerbook - doubt its a hardware issue, probably just finder playing up. Relaunching always does the trick.

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    me too, old problem

    I have this too sometimes. It isn't a simple case of updating the ATi drivers either, did that no joy.

    We're in the same boat, just don't listen to "quit the finder" or "restart fixes it every time" comments. That's what you should expect in Micro$oft Windoze world.

    FYI I have had this problem since 10.3. ho hum :confused: :(

    10.3.3 Sawtooth 450 1280MB Ati8500 running Dual 19's
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    i have the same issue on ONE of my many desktop icons, clicking makes it go away for a while... no idea what the issue is, but it's kinda irritating!
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    Me too

    I get that on my iBook. Clicking on the icon solves the problem. It seems to be the last icon down every time for me.
  7. EGT
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    Yeah clicking on it or selecting it does the trick but its annoying after working on the mac for a while and it's happening everytime you go back to the desktop.

    :mad: dohhhh
  8. 7on
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    Here's hoping for 10.3.4!

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