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Detectives question Stephen Hawking

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Frohickey, Mar 18, 2004.

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    Hawking questioned on 'abuses'

    ASTROPHYSICIST Stephen Hawking has been questioned by detectives about alleged abuses that reportedly left him with a series of unexplained injuries, police said today.

    Hawking, 62, who is paralysed by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, was interviewed yesterday by Cambridgeshire police at Papworth Hospital, said force spokesman Tony Taylorson.


    Sad... very sad.
    Someone needs to invent a Type 2 phaser set to stun controlled via ocular movement! :mad:
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    He probably was savegely beated by a young 59 years old frustrated scientist stud who disagreed on his model of the universe. Or maybe his voice synthetizer said something nasty to Victoria and she slapped him back. (Get that one?)

    No, seriously, this is sad. whou would do such a thing. :confused: :( :confused: :mad:
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    Not sure if this is true or not but I heard that Hawking's voice box was invented by the ex-husband of Hawking's current wife. The creepy thing about this is that the synthesized voice is that of it's inventor thus Hawking's wife is listening to her ex's voice. Anyone else hear this?

    Pity if the abuse rumors are true.
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    His wife allegedly...
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    Unable to find requested news story as link posted above. That is very sad that someone would abuse an invalid for any reason. I pray that Stephen will be OK.
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    i thought i had read this a few months ago.. hopefully it isn't a new case.. but possibly his wife was trying to beat the unified string theory outta him...
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    I would have to say that its sad when ANYONE is abused, but I do agree that this is a sad story if true. Maybe he was wrestling with a black hole?
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    I thought he abused someone. Nevermind. :p :D
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    its a continuation of the same story, he keeps refusing to press charges and tell the cops what happened.
  10. TEG
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    Fred v. Victoria... Who would win that fight. :)

    But in all seriouly, who would pick on a man With Lou Gerigh's Disease (ALS). Especially if he is the most brilliant scientist of the last 25-30 years.

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    Hawking didn't discover the Unified String Theory. I forget the name of the guy that unified all the different theory's during his speach a few years ago. It was in this program The Elegant Universe
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    String Theory (or Unified Field Theory) has been around for about 20 years, and has been elaborated on by many scientists. Brian Greene (who wrote The Elegant Universe) is simply a string theorist who has made it accessible to many non-scientists.
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    String Theory had MANY different versions (I think 4 majors) until about 5 years ago, when one guy proved mathmatically that all the theories were actually the same (Unified). The nova show I linked to had a segment about this "breakthrough". Of course all he did was link the previously unproven theories together. They still have little proof or meaning to the layperson.
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    dunno about that... when you start claiming someone is the 'most' of one thing.

    I guess ever since Einstein, the media had always wanted to put the mantle of brilliant scientist on one person.
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    His former wife, Jane Hawking, who wrote a memoir about their time together, has urged police to investigate the reported abuses he suffered.

    Hawking has dismissed allegations that he was assaulted or abused at his home in Cambridge as "completely false"

    So, what gives? If the man himself has dismissed the alleged abuse, then I smell the deisre for lawsuit money from the ex-wife.
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    You know each of those pictures and sound bites don't work unless you copy/paste them into a new empty window right?

    BTW, Futurama rules. :D

    Yeah hawking said there was no abuse... case closed.

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