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Developer Preview 2 bugs

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by karsten, Mar 16, 2012.

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    What i've seen so far is that text size in finder doesn't adhere to user preferences, it's large (about 12pt) and even after being changed to smaller reverts to large size.
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    Notes app seems to crash

    anyone else see this?
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    Make sure to file this with Apple.
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    The only bug I've noticed in DP 2 is Private Browsing in Safari. When you switch it on or off you must open a new window. If you don't all webpages show up blank.

    Otherwise, DP 2 is much, much more stable than DP 1. I had issues connecting my MacBook Pro to my Cinema Display; that's fixed (most likely graphics drivers). Mail.app was sometimes unresponsive; fixed. Software Update (in App Store) kept telling me to update print drivers; fixed. All in all, DP 2 feels great.
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    Still keeps asking for Thunderbolt firmware updates for me.
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    Got two system freezes after installing DP2. First one occurred after I tried moving a tab in Safari. The second one was triggered when I tried opening a video stream in QuickTime.
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    Overall, I would say that DP2 is much faster and snappier than DP1, but I am getting more of these funky so-called "Forced Log Outs," which I have never experienced before.

    Also, Reeder is broken and so is Caffeinated, for the most part (though Caffeinated will run for a bit whereas Reeder crashes right after launch).

    Interestingly, QuickTime is back for me. I was having to run VLC for all my movies in DP1.

    Safari is significantly faster, that is for sure.
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    Yeah, I noticed that Reeder crashes on startup. Any ideas on how this might be fixed (aside from waiting for future updates)?
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    Probably will have to wait until Rizzi updates Reeder to 1.1.5 or whatever the next one will be. Caffeinated is actually not half bad..
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    iMail just froze my system after i got an new email. Had to force reboot
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    I don't know if this is a bug, but Safari iCloud Tabs (Show Tabs on Other Devices) doesn't seem to work for me, I just got a "No iCloud tabs available" message.
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    Same. I'm not sure if this is an OS X issue or an iOS issue. It could be that the button is useless right now, or it could be that iOS devices haven't been updated to utilize the feature.
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    I got it to work...

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    Sorry if I made it sound like I did something to get it to work :) I did nothing. I was broken for me earlier, and then I just checked it and it was showing something besides "No iCloud tabs."
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    Thanks for sharing this. I'll see if I can get it to work for me, too.
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    Interesting. So facebook was originally on your device? Which was then brought over to Safari for the Mac?
    See, I thought it'd be the other way around. - Or even have the capability of syncing tabs either way.

    It's still broken for me, I'll keep trying.
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    Quartz Issue? iMovie 11'

    Not Sure if this is a Quartz Issue/Bug or iMovie 11' Needing an Update for Mountain Lion Support but this didn't happen on DP1.

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    Safari is being a pain especially for videos. And I am noticing a bit more sluggishness.
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    Actually, I don't recall Facebook being open on my iPod :/ So that doesn't make sense.

    You would think it *should* go both ways, but who knows -- it is probably half broken right now anyways.
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    i've had imail need a force restart several times.

    most recently i've noticed in forums.macrumors.com is that the mouse focus is several lines of text off of where the cursor actually is. like if i click the click gets registered on a completely different thread topic. i've filed both of mine
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    App Store isn't working for me when I try to update an app. It just hangs and then throws up an error after a while. Any help?
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    just filed a bug report, anyone else notice that when u set a wallpaper of your own it does not stay when the computer reboots?
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    Yes, that just happened to me as well. It was still selected in System Preferences but the actual displayed wallpaper was one from a few days ago.

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