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Developing an app for a client...

Discussion in 'App Store Business, Legal and Marketing' started by acctman, Apr 25, 2013.

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    I have been developing a game for a client. I have a Apple Developer account I have been using but its almost time to submit the app to the App Store. Does my client have to purchase a Apple Developer account in order for the Seller name to appear as their own? Or can I change it somewhere to say the sellers name?
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    You're not able to change the Seller's Name without contacting Apple and going through a whole rigamarole to get it altered. You're probably best off having the client sign up for their own account, especially if you hope to have other clients in the future.
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    Note: It is possible that answer for my question is in your reply for acctman question but I'm still confused...

    I was reading that tutorial:http://www.raywenderlich.com/8003/h...-to-apple-from-no-account-to-app-store-part-1

    and then I search for author. What I have found:

    Check out this app:
    App name: cute-a-pult
    field under App name (seller?): iBrazuca
    Developer: Gustavo Ambrozio

    And after click on iBrazuca we can see that for the other two apps we have similiar situation.

    So my question is: can Developer(in this example Gustavo Ambrozio) release app named "XYZ" and in field under App name write "Company ABC"?
    In other words: can you choose different seller? name for each app?
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    No, you can't.

    As to how this person's app show both "iBrazuca" and "Gustavo Ambrozio": in the past it was possible to use a different "company/artist" name from the Seller Name. Apple has since removed that option and for all new accounts they're the same.
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    Thank you for your reply dejo. I have one more question: I'm developing app for a non-profit organisation, to be honest I'm doing it for free. Like with almost every non-profit every dollar counts.
    So, can this organisation create Individual Developer account, which is cheaper(with real person credentials) but release app as that organisation name (in developer field and "under the name of the app which I believe is known as seller name")?
    For example
    App name: app_name
    field under App name (seller?): organisation_name
    Developer: organisation_name
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    A Company-type account costs the same as an Individual-type account: $99/year. Don't confuse this with the Enterprise program, that costs $299/year but does not let you distribute via the App Store.

    Your non-profit organization should sign up as a Company/Organization.

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    Thank you for your help dejo!

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