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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by hucchund22, Jun 6, 2010.

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    hi there.. just a quick question..

    what is the difference between a retail install discs and a family pack?

    i am deciding to buy an mac os x and i am a little confused..

    copied from the description of the seller: this is the retail disk and can be installed on any computer that has the system requirements outlined below.

    copied from the seller: This Family Pack allows usage on up to five Mac computers in one household.

    that's the 2 OS's i'm confused about.. so, the first one is like an unlimited client? and i can install it on an unlimited number of computers? and the other is limited to only 5?

    therefore, it's better to buy the first one right?
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    The first is a single client for any computer that meets the requirements. The license states specifically that it's a single-use.

    Family Packs are physically identical but licensed to five computers at once. It is subjectively better to buy a Family Pack (provided you have five computers on which this can be installed).
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    Family packs are for installing on more than one computer. It's the same as buying a multi-license version. Just a different term. If you're just going to be using it on 1 Mac then just get the standard retail disk.
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    ah.. so once i install the single retail licensed OS, it will be useless afterwards?

    i was planning to try it on my mac and later, i'll change/upgrade the hard disk.. i don't really want to buy another one.. costs too much.. :p

    sorry for being a little stupid,, i bought two(2) OS's already and both were not the right ones, so i'm just being careful with my purchase.. :p
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    To be perfectly honest with you.. you can use a single install disk as many times as you want.
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    And to be perfectly legal with you, you can't. :eek:
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    ah, nice.. hehehe.. so it's the single then.. :p

    thanks a lot.. :D
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    You should call the cops right now!@#
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    if i am given two(2) choices to follow, whether it's the honest way, or the legal way, i would choose the honest way.. hahaha.. costwise, i think the single retails discs are cheaper than the family pack.. am i right? :p and besides, i'll just use it for my mac and maybe afterwards, i'll sell the discs to get my money spent back.. :p
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    I have spoke on the phone with apple tech people in the past about this very issue. They really could care less about a single copy on 1 extra machine.

    Is this 10.4 or 10.5? If it's 10.4 then go right ahead as it's not even supported anymore even with security updates.
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    It's all about EULA and your consciousness. Installing single user version on more than one machine is breaking EULA, but in real life it will never be investigated by Apple or anybody.
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    it's the 10.4.. But if it'd the 10.5.? Will they care if that's the version i'm gonna use.?

    By the way, another question..:
    If i will buy the fami.y pack and i've used up all five installations,what happens next.? Will the discs be rendered useless.? Or can i still install it to more computers regardless of reaching the limit.? thanks..
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    Nothing will happen. Number of installs is EULA limited, nothing more. OS X (except Server) has no software limits. Like i wrote before: it's all EULA and your ethics thing.
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    ah, good thing i have no/little conscience/ethics.. :p -with regards to computer stuff-

    It's alright with me as long as i won't go to prison or anything serious.. :p

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