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Digital Camera

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by krohde, Jul 17, 2003.

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    Hi guys,

    I've been wanting to buy a digicam for a long time. I dont want to spend more than max $450 on a camera but i have some requirements that it must do. Can you help me find a good one for a reasonable price:

    1. 3x optical zoom
    2. 4mega pixel
    3. preferably SD or compact flash card (memory sticks are more expensive)
    4. movie record mode and audio
    5. size matters....
    6. Flash
    7. finally as an addition but not requirement I wouldnt mind if i could attach fish-eye viewfinders etc....

    Thanks. I tried pricegrabber.com but the way they organize their goods is very confusing as is froogle.google.com


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    Read the reviews at http://www.dcresource.com/ and look at the links on http://www.macmaps.com/macosxnative.html to make sure they are compatible. Be sure to either get rechargeable batteries included or separate, as the lithium batteries included with many cameras are expensive to replace and should only be used in emergency if your existing batteries are out of juice and you need to take a shot right away.
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    I love my Powershot s45. I think it has all of the qualifications but the fisheye thing. 8x10's are perfect. 11x14's are even acceptable. You would definately be happy if you bought this camera. I have had it about four months and have taken over 600 pictures without any problems. It is 458.00 at Amazon. I know the budget was 450, but maybe you can stretch. Canon's have a proprietary processor, which helps them process images faster and with more precision. Also, Canon optics are very good. The s45 has a glass lens, not a cheepie plastic ones. Tons ov manual controls. Shutter speed, aperture, manual focus, etc. Overall, I like the s45 and give it two thumbs up.
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    A great website to try for reviews and prices is:


    The guy does excellent detailed reviews and tons of sample shots to tickle your fancy. I really recommend that website when looking around for a digicam.
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    I've got the Canon Powershot S2000 Digital Elph and it's a great camera so you should definitely look into a Canon. But the Nikon's are great as well.
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    That camera is rather large, and I think he wants something that is small, since he said size matters.
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    Also, a good site is www.stevesdigicams.com It has reviews for any digital camera out there. Hope it helps.
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    Re: Digital Camera

    I think that 3 cameras will fit this bill and be around that $450 price range. Actually, they all retail for $500, but you may be able to find a deal.

    1. Sony DSC-P10 - It meets your requirements on all but #3 and #7. (NOTE - Memory Sticks aren't that expensive anymore. Yes, they do cost more than CF or SD, but maybe only $5 to $10 more.) Plus it's 5MP, so it exceeds your requirements on #2. Plus, it has the best movie mode for these types of cameras.

    2. Canon Digital Elph S400 - It meets all the requirements (except #7), except it only has a decent movie mode (not as good as Sony's).

    3. Canon PowerShot S45 - It also meets all the requirements (except #7), except it's a little bigger than the previous two cameras and it's movie mode is only decent. On the plus side, it has more manual control than the previous two cameras.
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    ...Or you can get your butt to www.dpreview.com, which is very well known for their extensive reviews and photo galleries. The galleries are great for taking a look at actual photos taken by some of these cameras. And I'm not talking about 3-5 sample pictures. I'm talking about 20-30 sample pictures. I'm actually surprised that nobody else here has mentioned that site yet.

    I'd stick with a Canon. I have a Canon A60, which takes great photos. The Canon A70 is also a great camera, but its not 4.0MP. :eek:
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    I can fit a G3 in my pocket. .I got big pockets.:p
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    Re: Digital Camera

    i hope you mean 3x or greater!

    good choice. 4 megapixels will give you more quality than you probably think you need.

    yes, memorystick is expensive, but sony makes some amazing cameras. don't forget that SmartMedia cards are also pretty inexpensive as of late.

    personally, this should be last on your list. most people use movie record once only to see it work and watch it back on the little lcd screen of the camera for fun.

    i assume you mean you would like a small point-and-shoot camera that fits nicely in one hand?

    the chance of getting a digital camera for under $450 that will allow any extra lens attachments is just out of the question. you would be better off just cutting that out of here, or learning photoshop really well.

    i really like Digital Photography Review as a site which will tell you EVERYTHING about almost every digital camera available.
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    Thank you guys. This is why I love the macrumors forums. Everyone here in the community knows something about something so when we join together we can help out each other in ways not otherwise possible.

    Thanks once again. I'll be sure to check those sites.

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    Re: Re: Digital Camera

    personally, i agree with ftaok. sony makes amazing digital cameras. you don't have to buy the sony brand name for memorysticks either. they come a lot cheaper as third-party brands with the same quality as sony. i have no complaints about all of my memorysticks.

    also, use DPReview.com to search for the best price on cameras. navigate around to find the camera(s) you are interested, and when you look at a certain brand (ie Sony) you will notice under each camera there are 1 or 2 links. click "order now or check price" and it will use C|NET to search a whole bunch of online stores and come up with the best price.

    Best Price found on the Sony DSC-P10: $419
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    Which is better? DSC-P92 or DSC-P10? the only thing i can find different is the shutter speed (1/1000 vs. 1/2000 respectfully) and the included memory (16 vs. 32mb). Any suggestions as to why this changes the price by about $50?

    Thanks once again...

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    I thought the P10 and the P92 had the same zoom. Maybe I should look at the specs again.

    But the main difference between the 2 cameras is the casing. The P10 uses a metal casing, which is sturdier and MUCH smaller. I believe the P92 is plastic, but I know that it's pretty big (for a compact camera). The best thing to do is to head over to a Best Buy (or equivalent) and take a look for yourself. You might find that the small cameras are TOO small for you.
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    Powershot G3

    I am in the same market for a camera. If you want any manual control then the G3 is probably one of the best options. And you can get one that will not break your bank. I am about to purchase one for $477 so just a bit more than you wanted. Check out www.beachcamera.com as they are reasonable and reliable.
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    ok i was in the same boat as you are and i shoped around and tested all the cameras in this range in store,and used friends. and the choice was sooo easy the Powershot S400 Digital ELPH Camera. this camera is by far the best one i have ever owned dont wait anylonger go read the reviews but to realy see the perfection in this camera go to your local applestore they have them there. you will fall in love i carry mine in my back pocket EVERYDAY just pop the pics onto my comp and i set.

    only con is that it only comes with a small memory thing so i suggest go to amazon and get a 512MB viking card on the setting below the highest ( no real diff. from highest unless you going ot blow it up larger than the size of a peice of paper)
    you can take about 415 pic !!! and they look amazing

    the best thing about this camera is the design and quality though its small enough so that you actualy WILL take it every where you go

    hope this helped
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    If Zoom is important to you, get the Olympus C-730. It has 10x OPTICAL zoom. The digital zoom is practically worthless on most cameras. The optical zoom on these is great. I have the 700 and am amazed at what it can do just with 2 Megapixels.

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