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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Cowboy22, Jul 22, 2009.

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    First off let me say that I have searched the forums. I have songs that have the label "Explicit" in red next to the title. I want to get rid of all of these. Most of the answers have this "uncheck Show content ratings in library" but unless I am blind, this is absent in iTunes 8 (currently 8.2.1). I have seen the program "subler" but I don't want to use that because it is complicated and I have a lot of explicit songs. There HAS to be an easier way of doing this. Any help??
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    :apple::apple::apple::DThis is not possible, at least, I dont think so. If you are annoyed by those then try changing the name and then changing it back. If that doesnt work then you change the name by adding a small unoticeable character like ' or . at the beginning or end.
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    Didn't work. Did you even try that before suggesting? It's a 2 second process....
    Anybody else? PLEASE

    I noticed that all the explicit titles were songs that I bought. I tried converting them into another file type (thinking this would delete the purchase info) but this didn't work. Is there a way to delete the purchase information for a song? Should I import it into something else then import to iTunes? :confused:
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    They're all songs you've purchased from itunes right? I think the reason they do that is so that parents know what their kids are listening to. It might be real hard/impossible to disable that.
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    I believe the "explicit" tag is not something that can be edited by the end user. Its an invisible flag in the file itself.
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    I've seen iTunes do this to CD's I've imported. I don't know how to remove it. I attached an example below, as you can see Lossless files with the "Explicit" warning.

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    I read this on another forum and I don't have and explicit songs on my work computer to confirm.
    I am running 8.2 and the
    iTunes - Preferences - Parental Tab - uncheck "Show content ratings in library" is there
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    I don't think that applied to music though... I thought that was for video content
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    That got rid of it. You learn something new everyday. :)
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    Worked! Thanks!

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