Disable IOS 7.0.1 Badge Update

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by JohnnyDJunior, Sep 22, 2013.

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    Is there a way to disable the badge on the settings app
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    Other than installing the update, no.
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    Yup, just update your device.
  4. Nermal, Sep 22, 2013
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    The only other way that I'm aware of is to reset all content and settings (to make the badge go away), then fill up the storage so that there isn't enough space for it to download the update. That's probably more trouble than it's worth!

    Edit: This doesn't work anymore; the red "1" popped up yesterday even though I don't have enough space to download it.
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    Just update to 7.0.1 whats so bad about it?
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    I dont want to update in class there is a Jailbreak for IOS 7.0
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    Since when is 7.0.1 out?
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    Im pretty sure the jailbreak will be compatible with the latest iOS version (at that time) when it comes out
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    It's out for the iPhone 5s, it installed on release day.
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    Apple won't patch the jailbreak until it's released. You'll be fine updating.
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    That's not always the case. Apple has in the past patched jailbreaks before they have been released because jailbreaks are exploitations of bugs within the system. Apple's primary goal is to patch bugs. If one of those bugs is needed for the jailbreak and Apple discovers it, they may patch it without knowing that it is needed for a jailbreak.
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    Not sure why mine didn't install automatically but I'm still on 7.0
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    Thus far, all OTA updates have required the end user to start the update. Apple has not yet released a forced OTA update that installs automatically.
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    A jailbreak won't be released if it's 7.0 only. If I had to guess, very shortly new iPhones are going to be shipped with 7.0.1, leaving a comparatively small amount of 7.0 users left. (On the 5S/5C) You're safe to update. The Evaders wouldn't release a jailbreak for just launch week people.
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    Rajani Isa

    7.0.1 seems to be a 5S/C only update.

    And standard procedure for the jailbreak crew seems to be make it, and hold for the x.1 release then release with notes if the .1 is compatible or not.
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    I wouldn't worry about that just yet. The 7.0.1 update is only for the 5S and maybe 5C, which are new hardware platforms so even if a jailbreak shows up for 7.0, it's likely it won't work on those platforms.

    Also, 7.0.1 fixes some bug related to the new hardware so if a jailbreak for those devices does show up, it'll likely work for 7.0.1 too.
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    I didn't get it til yesterday on my 5C
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    This. Any Evad3rs jailbreak will come when the OS has settled down. Not during a period when there's likely to be point updates for several months.
  19. Tamagotchi, Sep 27, 2013
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    That 1 is pestering me...

    That 1 is pestering me, is there any way I can remove it? I do not want to upgrade.

    Thank you!


    EDIT: Hi, thread was moved here. The reset solution worked :D Didn't have anything precious on my iPad anyway.
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    I have noticed on my iphone 7.0 that the 7.02 update that is out it isn't showing the badge of a system update like it use to on 6.0. I have had my phone look and see the update is available numerous times. Still no badge. I like that.
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    Musclenerd already came out and said that updating to 7.0.2 is fine, so 7.0.1 should be good to go as well. Be smart and protect yourself.


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