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disabled output/input sound component

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by bywater, Apr 13, 2004.

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    I was "fortunate" enough to find a Rev B Beige G3 at a company garage sale. At least I thought so until I discovered that the audio makes no sound. It apparantly is disabled because I cannot choose an output component nor can I choose an input component. I put in a new (used) 6 gb HD with OS 8.6. I upgraded to OS 9.0 (I can't seem to make the upgrade to 9.22 work). I've tried zapping the pram, I've tried deleting preferences, I've tried reseating the card in the PERCH slot and resetting the logic board. Rumor has it that the IT dept disables all sound on all computers within the company. Could they have "turned off" the sound at some lower level? or is this card bad?

    Thanks for any input you all may have for me.

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    When you put in the new hard drive, did you install OS 8.6 fresh or was it pre-existing on the drive? Perhaps if you just swapped drives, the wrong audio drivers were loaded? This situation seems vaguely familiar, but I cannot remember the cause/solution if there was one.
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    clean install

    I actually installed the hard with OS 8.6 installed on it. But I did a clean install of 9.0, so wouldn't that properly load the audio drivers?

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    Yeah, it all should have worked, unless it was some sort of firmware disabling, and I'm of no help if that's the case! :confused:
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    I'm beginning to think that you've said the word - firmware. Bummer. Thanks for your input.

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    I'm wondering if you approached an IT guy, it seems there must be an "undo" for things like this also! Good luck, I hope it works for you. Otherwise, you can probably find a PCI card that will work too...

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