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Disk mode in ipod touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jota73, Dec 14, 2007.

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    Does anyone knows if the Ipod touch can be used as Dis, just as ipod video and others?

    Is it possible to do without hacking it?
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    Yes it can, and you don't need to hack it.

    I just bought a program called iPhoneDrivefrom eCamm - works with the iPod touch as well.

    It's well worth the $9.95 and there is a free trial.


    Check it out. They're a good company. I also bought iGlasses which is great for adjusting video settings of the iSight.
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    Personally, I don't recommend buying any software for this so called "disk mode". None of the software out there or even the jailbreak hacks provide a true disk mode.

    Every solution out at the present time either requires you to use a wifi connection for the file transfer and/or you need the software installed on the computer you want to access the touch on. This means that, you can store files on the touch now but you can only access them on your own computer or one that has wifi.
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    While this might be true, iPhoneDrive is superb. Not only does it let you use the iPhone or iPod touch to transfer files onto (or get them off of), but it also shows you all your music and photos contained on the device in a finder-like interface. You can copy the tracks from the device to your desktop by clicking a button or dragging and dropping.

    And yes, while you need it installed on the computer you're using, if you have an internet connection, you could always keep the app in your email account and download it. Or, since when you buy the software it's tied to your email account, you can actually just keep the link in your email, click it and download the software directly from the developer page.

    Personally, I use it so that I can keep another backup of my important files. I could care less whether my buddy can access my iPod touch files on his machine.
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    Yes, it will definitely depend on the individual's uses. For instance, I liked using my older iPods disk modes so that I can access documents and school work at school. You can't do that with any of the solutions at the present time.

    So if you just use your touch as a backup device and you don't mind being limited to OS X then iPhoneDrive should be fine. Otherwise, I think maybe waiting to see if Apple will implement a true disk mode in the future might be the better option.

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