Disk Utility erased my partition bug.

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    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread, if it isn't would the mods move it to th e right sub-forum?

    So, I have a 256GB SSD in my Retina Macbook 15", My OS X partition was 120GB, my Backup partition was 99GB and my Win8 partition was ~30GB. I erased my Win8 partition, (while installing Win8 I clicked the extend button during the disk select wizard, and the win8 partition magically became 120GB but my backup partition was fine, then I rebooted my macbook into OSX and my backup partition was gone (but while it was there, the music would play in iTunes, so the data had to be intact)) then I erased my win8 partition because of the extend issue, and my partitions came back to normal, then I tried creating a new partition to take up the ~30GB left over from the Win8 partition, I labeled this Backup 2, Disk utility ERASED my Backup partition, and replaced it with Backup 2 that was the size of my backup AND backup 2 partitions combined.

    WTF. what should I do? The data should still be there, but most partition recovery apps can't find it, or if they do there's only an ~8MB journal file there.

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