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Diskutil on iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by dknight88, Dec 28, 2009.

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    Is it at all possible to put Disk Utilities on my 2nd gen iPod touch. The reason I want to do this is because I need to run diskutil on my laptop and I don't have my install disk. I have noticed that through single-user mode I can boot through an external device, I figured if there was anyway to put diskutil on my Touch then I would be able to boot from it and use diskutil. If this is at all possible let me know how.
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    Um... in order to boot from it, the computer would need to see the ipod touch as a hard drive. Since the touch doesn't have a hard drive mode, I don't see how this would work.
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    I do see how this could cause an issue. Is there a way to put disk utility on my touch that way if I could figure out a way for it to read as a hard drive I could simply run from it?
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    There are any number of apps that will allow you to copy files onto your touch, but trust me, you are never going to find a way to use the touch as a bootable hard drive.
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    would this work for a Nano, I know this is somewhat the wrong place to ask this but I feel I would get a response quicker. Do the Nano's have a harddrive mode?
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    No, as Disk Utility alone does not make the iPod bootable.

    But you can run Disk Utility from a Mac OS X Install DVD.
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    Yes, Nanos have hard drive mode. Not sure if you can make it bootable or not, but couldn't hurt to try -- just make sure anything you have on the Nano that you don't want to lose is backed up to a computer in case something goes wrong. Do report back whether you succeed -- you've got me curious! :D
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    Now all I need to know is where I would find Disk Utility to put on a Nano so I could try booting from it.
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    I don't have an install disk with me, that is why I am trying to find a way to put disk utility on my Nano and place it in HDD mode so I can run disk utility from it.
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    you already have another post on the ipod touch forum. don't start duplicate posts.

    Just putting diskutil on an iPod wont solve your problem - you need osx on the ipod as well. diskutil can't boot by itself.
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    Why would I need OS X, if my OS X is blown on my mac and I use diskutil from the install disk then OS X never runs.
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    An iPod has no software on it, that makes it bootable as a standalone hard drive for whatever purposes.

    You need to copy Mac OS X onto the iPod via a clone software like CarbonCopyCloner, so that if the iPod can act as an external HDD, it is also a bootable volume from which you can run Mac OS X and therefore Disk Utility.

    The install DVD has Disk Utility on it.

    Disk utility alone is not bootable.

    What do you mean by "I use diskutil from the install disk then OS X never runs"?

    There is other software out there though, that can burn a bootable repair CD or DVD. Look for TechTools Pro or Disk Warrior.
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    My computer can't boot, outside of single user mode. I assume, from what the Apple techies have told me, that when I use the install disk and run disk utility it does this without an operating system, since there is none that can run on my computer. I can only assume that I don't need OS X on an iPod or disk. This is why I say when I run diskutil I shouldn't need an OS.
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    false. the install disk has a minimal OS that enables you to run diskutil. There is no way whatsoever to create an iPod or disk that has ONLY diskutil on it and have it run by itself.
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    I'm glad I was able to clear all of that up. My last option is to try and create a boot or repair disk from one of the programs mentioned above.

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