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Disney no longer including iTunes digital copies?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jaw04005, Aug 9, 2013.

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    Apparently, Disney has discontinued iTunes digital copies on at least some of there recent titles.

    I purchased Robin Hood, Oliver and Company and Sword and the Stone and all three titles now include Amazon VOD and Vudu digital copies in HD.

    Anyone else had this issue?
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    I don't know why. iTunes is a more recognizable name anyway. Why can't movie companies stick to what has worked for years instead of switching to IMO, lesser quality services?
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    I'd prefer a Vudu digital copy to iTunes SD any day.
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    Personally I think Universal got it right. I bought The Lorax BluRay Combo set and it came with a Digital copy (redemption code) that lets you choose a streaming service (Vudu, UV, or Flixster) and a download service (iTunes or Amazon). Plenty of choices to keep the majority happy.
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    they are probably going ultraviolet
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    Nope, they seem to be doing their own thing.
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    This is a bummer, I've been buying all my Disney disks with the digital copy because it was iTunes. I guess I'll save $5 and just rip the DVD instead. Another change due to the passing of Steve Jobs.
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    Jessica Lares

    Don't look at it that way! It really could be a decision Disney made on their own. It could be very well that they saw that people were just selling off their codes and they didn't like the fact that they were losing so much money off of it. Nobody wants to be tied up to streaming services and places where you can't use the media offline.
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    I don't follow how this new system will change people from selling their codes, but I do agree only supporting iTunes and Windows Media Player was too restrictive. The good news is that the new program has iTunes as an option, but it doesn't look like the "B" movies will get that. Oz had iTunes, hopefully Little Mermaid will too. I'm returning my Sword of the Stone and Robin Hood, not worth $25 each for a bad Blu-ray transfer and non-iTunes digital copy. I'd rather pay $15 for the SD version on iTunes.
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    How do you tell which movies have the iTunes copy and which ones don't?
    Is it the 3d blu rays that have the iTunes copy?
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    I noticed that too! Means no more Disney iTunes digitals then? What a shame.
  12. twoehr, Aug 16, 2013
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    You cannot tell from the packaging. If you go to digitalcopyplus.com and look in the FAQs you can find the expiration schedule for the digital copies. iTunes only lists Oz, while Amazon has all of the current crop.

    Update: The page has changed somewhat, right now this link will take you directly to the support matrix
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    This seems strange given Apple and Disney's relationship.
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    maybe amazon gave them a better deal since the studios have to pay for each digital copy
    i'm buying an amazon compatible blu ray player next week, but was hoping to have all my movies in itunes
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    This change sucks, mostly because of how Disney has handled the transition. After five years or so of iTunes digital copies being the norm for them, they changed course with no notice to customers on the packaging, press or anywhere else. I pre-ordered all five thinking, "great, digital copies!" only to find that none have them in a format I can use. They had it right with OZ - a disc-free system which offered a broad range of compatibility. Since there's no real reason why they CAN'T offer iTunes along with the other services, the exclusion seems petty and anti-customer.

    Truth be told, though, these five recent releases that do not have the iTunes digital copies are all titles that, in all likelihood,would not have had digital copies at all, just a few months ago. However, they have now added "digital copy" into the value equation and, when that portion of the product is useless to me now, that makes the expense harder to justify. This change has pushed me from being a blind Disney pre-orderer to, now, a "wait and see" customer with their titles. Owning everything on DVD to begin with, I can't really justify the expense of "upgrades" if I'm not going to get my full value use of the product.
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    How is this even relevant? :confused:
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    Steve was Disneys biggest stockholder
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    did some googling last night because of this thread, and some studios have stopped including an itunes copy as well. most have gone to ultraviolet and iTunes as a secondary.

    best bet is to have a smart bluray player that supports these services
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    Harry Potter Deadly Hollows Part 1 is available on iTunes, Part 2 is Flixster/Ultraviolet only.

    What sense does that make? Stupid ******* douche bag executives... You can't watch the damn movies on an Apple device then, can you? Anyone figured out a way to break the Ultraviolet download files?

    Ultraviolet was a stupid idea to begin with. They used to be compatible with iTunes... Screw it, I might as well start buying through iTunes directly...

    What ways are available to rip BluRay discs on the mac? Handbrake doesn't do it. Does it keep the source format? These stupid butt hole surfing executives are making people break their laws just to watch their stupid movies...

    I started downloading the 'digital copy' of the movies we already have, and found that Angels & Demons came with the movie on a 'Digital Copy' disc, and the stupid code has an expiration date! Oh, PLUS the iTunes version has a universal iTunes.app that won't run now... Stupid stupid stupid... :mad:
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    MakeMKV is the way to go.
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    I thought it was a two or three step process for Blu-rays?
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    I step to rip to MKV. However you must convert the MKV (using HB) to MP4.
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    OK. Thanks... Does the video resolution stay the same? MakeMKV seems complicated. I tried it but I will have to see what I get...
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    It's not, but Steve Jobs died and then in the following time period between then and now something changed. Thus, it's because Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs.

    Also, because freedom. And America.
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    I think you are confusing resolution with picture quality. If you mean resolution then you can simply select the output resolution in HB to be the same as the source. Most likely your source is 1080x1920 and you can use this in HB and it will remain the same.

    If you are asking about PQ then any transcoding and/or data reduction will technically reduce PQ quality. Will you be able to see any using average settings and an average size TV? Not likely unless you know what to look for.

    The only way to compleatly retain all PQ is to watch the BD and not use ATV.

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