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Do I really need all this?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by rEd Eye, Jan 28, 2002.

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    What I need:
    -A new dual 1GHZ tower for audio production
    -PCI support
    -Dual monitor support

    What I don't need(or already own!):
    -superdrive,cdrw,or dvdrom (how about a good 'ol CDROM!?)
    -OSX(AT ALL!!!)
    -OS9(I already own it!!!!)
    -512MB ram at Apple price
    -Anything higher than an ATI Rage graphics card(I have a PC for gaming!)

    Geez Apple,how about some BTO options?
    How much more are these things that I have absolutely no use for going to cost me,when I buy my new system?
    I feel like a sucker,giving SJ a blowj*b,and paying him for the service!!!
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    well I want one so shutup
    and stop complaining
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    How about you make a phone call to the Apple store and see about getting what you want.

    Why do you refer to the Pro mouse as cheese??? Every person where I work that has one of those on their desks love it.

    Eventually, all Mac software will be made to run on OS X, so just don't boot into it. You will still have the LATEST version of 9.2.x on the Mac. Unless you got the version of 9 this week, you won't be able to boot your computer with it to install.

    The faster video card is for more then just games... if you are going to do anything with graphics, you want it. You can go down to the Radeon 7500 card, if you want to save a whopping $100.

    If you really want to downgrade a really nice computer to something much less, then pull the parts out, go get replacements, and sell what you don't want. Don't expect to get what they are worth though, since they will be used, no matter what you say. Also, Apple might refuse warranty work on the computer since you have removed what they shipped it with and installed lesser, or maybe even non-Apple hardware.
  4. arn
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    Re: Do I really need all this?

    Yeah... your ability to upgrade from older Mac systems is less then ideal...

    In general, the best method is to sell your old hardware entirely, and purchase up. Again - not ideal.

    The SuperDrive is pretty darn useful though... I find myself burning more DVD-R's every day for backup/storage purposes.

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    Arn is right sell your old computer. And get the new one with the money+ that's the way to go if you don't want two compsI'll probably rack em up as I get mine we have a 128k and a 512k still and no it's not use less. but if you don't want more than one just sell it.
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    It just seems very un consumer friendly of apple to make me sell off my computer and components at a "used"price,when all I am really getting that is benefiting me is a new motherboard and CPU.
    Apple could do a hell of alot more business if they offered upgrades to the latest products,instead of making us buy the whole kit again.
    They know I'm a sucker&am going to do it anyways,I guess.
    But if I was apples marketing strategist,they would have a hell of a lot more than a 5% market share......:D
    I think that they burn a lot of their own bridges!
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    One problem I see with that right off the bat... Who are going to have install the new motherboard, processor, and then update the OS so that it will accept the new items?? The obvious choice would be an Apple store, or certified tech. Figure on paying at least a few hundred for the labor. I once priced out a motherboard for a Mac system, believe it was a beige G3 motherboard. If you didn't have one to trade in, it was about a grand. With trade in, it was about $500-$700. Add it all up, with a new motherboard, chip, and installation, you are looking at the cost of a system provided by Apple if not more. Then I seriously doubt that you will get anything more then a 90 day warranty on all of it, if anything.
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    Re: Do I really need all this?

    The only thing I really want to change about the new towers is the superdrive. I dont want because I wont use it! Why dont apple offer a combo option instead??
  9. arn
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    Re: Re: Do I really need all this?

    It's a nice drive though - like I said before... 4.7 GB writable media for $2.95 is nice.

    You don't have to use it to make Video DVD's...

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    Re: Re: Re: Do I really need all this?

    Oh I know its a nice drive!! However, I have a very tight budget + its just something I dont invisage using.
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    Me of course:DMore straight forward than putting together a crackerjack PC!
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    Here's a rough approximation of what I would pe paying per item I did not want,compared to the $1100-$1200 I may be able to sell my G4 400 for.....

    -superdrive,cdrw,or dvdrom (how about a good 'ol CDROM!?) -$400
    -OSX(AT ALL!!!) -$140
    -OS9(I already own it!!!!) - $100
    -keyboard -$70
    -apple(cheese!)mouse -$60
    -512MB ram at Apple price -$200
    -Anything higher than an ATI Rage graphics card -$250
    -Apple glamor box w/powersupply -$300-$400
    Means I could save $500-$600,plus still have a 400mhz mobo/cpu w/756mb ram that I could probably sell for $400 to someone with a G3,so I could get a new mac a $1000 dollars cheaper if I didn't have to buy It pre fab.
    Would you be likely to upgrade your Mac twice as often,if this were an option?
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Do I really need all this?

    I had the same thought when debating which model of the new iMac to go with. But then it occurred to me... 5 years ago I would have said the exact same thing about a CD burner. Who knows how useful this thing might be a year from now when it's much more common (ie affordable) technology?

    (I wound up buying the 800 mHz iMac... now if it'd only get here... :) )
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    I can understand not wanting an gForce video card, but an ATI Rage card??? Get real, that will be a serious bottleneck in your system. You mentioned in your first post about doing audio production. Why not just get a new Mac, sell your old one with all of it's stuff (put an ad out listing everything that you are including).

    Currently, end users CANNOT buy that kind of hardware from Apple, only certified techs can. Don't expect that to change anytime soon (within the next 2 years or more).
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    superdvd is ok

    the superdrive is quite ok ... i mean i'm going to use the dvd burning for professional work, so it's great for me ....

    but there's really another problem which i see more and more ... and that counts for mac and pc's ... nowadays computer get delivered with up to 80 - 160 Gb harddisks (top dual 1Ghz)

    how are you people planning backup strategies? do you also already own a 1500$ DLT tape drive that can save that amount of data? yes? no (maybe not) ... so the superdrive is really one of the cheapest solutions of backing and archiving Gb data in a reasonable way ... arn is right ... and prices for dvd media will drop more ...:)
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    btw ..arn?

    do you know if the superdrive is able to burn rewritable dvd media? if yes, which one of those many standards, did u try?


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