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Do you know how to type iPod models correctly?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ToM-RSC, Sep 10, 2009.

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    One thing that I see a lot here is that most people do not know the correct way to type the iPod models.

    For example;

    [B]iPod[/B] [b]t[/b]ouch
    [B]iPod[/B] [b]n[/b]ano
    [B]iPod[/B] [b]c[/b]lassic
    [B]iPod[/B] [b]s[/b]huffle
    This really annoys me seeing people spell the model name's second word with a capital first letter. Maybe it's because I'm an iPhone developer, where in Apple's developer's site, it says that if you own a website, you must use the correct spelling, and I've just got used to that? I don't know, but I want to know if you spell it correctly or not, and whether it annoys you.
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    Hmm, your examples don't demonstrate any poor spelling though. :confused:
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    does this really bother you?

    life must be good if this is a concern

    i like my Ipod (itouch) and my MAC
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    After G

    More like poor capitalization.

    It doesn't bother me really - I know what the poster meant when he/she writes "Touch" instead of "touch".

    Actual misspelling does bother me though, especially when they misspell a word so it has a different meaning.
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    Doesn't bother me at all.
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    I'll offer a big honkin' "meh"
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    From the company that invented the "funnest iPod ever" phrase...
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    It's better than the capitalizartion nightmare in the Mac line...

    MacBook Air
    MacBook Pro
    Mac mini
    Mac Pro

    mini is lowercase but Pro is capitalized? MAke us mini owners feel MORE diminutive....
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    haha, yes, it kind of bugs me too. I try to always spell and cap them correctly.
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    I agree -- maybe it's just because I'm OCD, but a few things in the Apple community bug me when it comes to the correct way to name or type out products.

    The ones that get to me the most are:
    "How do I get my iTouch to..." -- and -- "I need to get my MAC to..."

    Ugh! Bugs me! The same thing with the short user name for accounts. I can't stand when it's not capitalized, because then the sidebar in the Finder isn't consistent! :mad:
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    Does putting ipod in front change the context of the conversation?
    My wife has an itouch while my son and I have the ipod phone.

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