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Do You think This is Legit

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by TEG, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. TEG
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    I was just on e-Bay looking at Sound Sticks for My PBG4 and came upon a $1 first day of 3 auction, the seller only has one feed back. I've gotten a little more concerned reciently with these "too good to be true" deals, after reading people's experieces, but what do you think.

    The Auction is located here

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    I wouldn't bid, but then again company warehouses/magazines usually start bidding at $1 to attract customers (the final price usually ends up to be about the same as the full price).
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    He actually has 12 feedbacks, all from the same user. And that user has 33 feedbacks, 11 of which are negative. Seems like somebody wants to start with a clean history. Beware.
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    The feedback of 1 is something to consider, but starting an auction at $1.00 is a fairly common practice if the seller thinks a lot of people will bid. I just sold my iBook 600MHz on eBay and I started at $1.00, because I knew the demand would bring the price up to something fair.

    His feedback is rather suspect, though, with 12 positives from one guy who's no longer registered, and since the transactions are over 90 days old, you can't even see what the items/prices were.

    I also feel a bit uncomfortable with these lines:

    "All Items AS-IS unless other wise noted"
    "no returns or exchanges so bid accordingly"
    "item_may still be covered under_manufactures warranty"
    "Picture of actual item may vary"

    I mean, what's up with that unless he's trying to hide something about the condition of the items.

    I'd say stay away. :D
  5. TEG
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    Thanks, I think I'll just hold out until I can get some at Comp USA


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