All iPads Do you use a screen protector?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by adam044, Nov 8, 2012.


Do you use a screen protector?

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  2. No

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    I don't because unlike my iPhone its not in my pocket and whenever it's not in use the Smart Cover protects the screen.
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    I don't use screen protectors on anything. I tried and used it for 4 months but I hated it
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    Installing one seems like a nighmare. Plus I have a folio case that protects the screen quite well...
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    Yeah, I generally use cases and try to be careful in general, but never use a screen protector. Never experienced one I thought didn't diminish the display and add some weird resistance to the touch surface.

    I *might* put one on my little girl's Mini when we buy it.
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    Yeah i used screen protector coz i dont want to see any single scratch on my ipad/iphone..and i preferr to apply the screen protector on my own..yes i can!;)
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    Nope...not on my iPad or my iPhone.
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    No, only on iPhone
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    Using screen protector is like using a condom.
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    When I'm getting the mini I'm not planning to use the screen protector if I have a smart cover :)
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    Absolutely. My first ipad got a few scratches even though it was never used outside of the apple case. Ipad 2 also got scratched from my Smart Cover. The back of my iPhone 5 is already scratched and it has been in a candyshell since it came out of the box. The glass on these freaking things totally sucks.
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    Nope. On all my old smartphones I would but my last phone before my iPhone 5 was the first time I had no protector on at all. It was in my pocket all the time and subjected to the normal abuses by an 18 year old guy and no noticeable scratches. The same applies for my iPhone 5 and my recently acquired iPad Mini. I realized that I prefer the naked screen as opposed to the screen protector feel and look
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    So unnecessary, agree
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    I think for Iphone, you can put screen protector on just for safety sake but Ipad, i dont think your finger nail can damage the glass plus if you have good case on like my moshi concerti :), there is no worry.
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    Both my iPhone and iPad are fully wrapped.

    There is a kiosk in the mall that sells Ghost Armor and also installs it.

    I think it is worth it. But that is just me.
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    I do on my phone and ipad. Diamond still scratches gorilla glass, and scratches screens lower resale value. I consider it insurance.
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    why would you scratch your phone or tablet with diamonds??????
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    Nope, but I did order a skin for the back, because i want to add a little character to the mini.
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    Yes, but I will probably take it off.
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    Always on iPhone.

    Had it on iPad for a couple of months but it just wasn't very good. It just dulled the screen too much, although the anti-glare aspect was useful.
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    Not for iPad but I am using for iPhone since it is in pocket all the time with keys and change and other things.
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    I don't like screen protectors so I don't use them. I try to be careful, use the smart cover and hope for a bit of luck.
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    I use screen protectors on all my devices now as i got a scratch on my first iPhone and it annoyed the hell out of me.
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    My friend scratched her entire phone one day with her diamond earrings. The Apple Store gave a free replacement and now she's super careful.
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    No I don't. In my experience putting a screen protector on just decreases sensitivity.

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