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Do You Use OS 9 or X?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by AJW, Jan 14, 2002.


Which Mac OS Do You Use?

  1. OS X Only

    31 vote(s)
  2. OS 9 Only

    11 vote(s)
  3. X, but I use Classic a lot

    19 vote(s)
  4. X, but I often boot into 9

    12 vote(s)
  5. 9, but sometimes I boot into X

    9 vote(s)
  6. OS 8 or earlier

    2 vote(s)
  1. AJW
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    I just thought this would make an interesting poll (I've seen opinions, but no percentages of 9 vs. X usage)
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    I've been using X only. Has anyone had this problem, after I change resolutions all the graphics are garbled in classic and I have to reboot the classic enviroment.
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    What versions...

    ...of 9 and X do you have? I vaguely remember something like that but either 9.22 or X.12 fixed it. I'm not sure about this.
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    X is all I need...
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    I run X on my PowerBook all the time, unless I need to have multiple graphics applications at my complete disposal...

    at work I'm still on 9 for the same reason above.....we haven't yet switched to X and probably won't for a while...

    Classic is great for small things, but not for complete performance issues... ;)
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    I'm Bi!

    I use both...I need to get more familier with OS X because this will start becoming an issue in my district, and as the only "techie" in the Educational Technology department, I gotta get my feet wet.

    I didn't start until a few weeks ago, because, frankly, I knew 10.0 needed some tweaking. (typical of any operating system...never jump in if the version ends in zero!)

    So I've got one computer in front of me (G4 Tower with Cinema Display) runnin' OS 9 and the same configuration on a desk next to me runnin' OS 10.1.2.

    I gotta admit, I'm very attracted to that OS X speed! And it's becoming almost second nature to jump from one to the other.

    By the way, I downloaded Omni Web for OS X and it's BEAUTIFUL! I'm never opening up Explorer on the X machine again!

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    OS X with Classic mode boot up when you start the computer....
    there have been weeks where i haven't restarted my computer...then an update comes out and it makes me ;)
    but that's all i've been using sence OS X 10.0
    and back then i had a 233 iMac (rev a baby!)
    so, i donp't know what my point was buy hey, i had to say something...

    so for me, it's OS X only with the classic enviro always up and running...
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    If you only run OSX have you got OS9 installed? Just wondering because shouldn't OSX be a lot quicker without OS9 intalled.
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  11. OJB
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    Mac OS X

    Mac OS X is the only OS I want to use now. Have been using it since
    the beta on both my G4s and I love it. It just gets better and faster.
    However some, quite skilled, users are having trouble adapting.
    They want to treat it like 9. You really have to accept this is a whole
    new (better) thing!
    I still use 7,8 and 9 on my lesser machines.
    I really, really must have Photoshop for Mac OS X--its about the
    only reason to still use Classic! :(
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    only using osx after i got office v.X thed other day - a bargain A$299 or $149USD.

    thank god for academic pricing... :)
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    10 is too slow on an imac dv se w/ 256mb of ram.
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    Ensign Paris

    osx rocks!

    I looks good for Mac OS X then!

    Apple took a gamble with OSX and it now look very much like it worked!

    Keep Mac Heading!
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    OS X

    Now that Toast 5.1 is out... I never have to boot into OS 9. I only use classic mode when I am scanning something, Using PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, or Flash. But... I have not been that into web stuff for a while... so I am almost compleetly OS X now... everyone should be if they can.
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    Re: What versions...

    I've got 10.1.2 and 9.2. Maybe there is a OS 9 updater somewhere I can find.
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    OS 9 only

    can't really see any reason to upgrade until Photoshop and Quark Xpress run in X. I love the eye candy, but at least half of my work would need to be in Classic, so why bother? Hope to be upgraded by the end of 02, though. Maybe sooner if I get a new machine (not much of a choice now, eh? since it is the default os)
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    It would be exclusive of Classic but for the fact that my CAD Co. botched the port.
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    What I meant was I don't boot into 9. I only use classic now for photoshop. X runs good if the classic enviroment isn't booted so i use it on a as-needed basis.
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    OSX most of the day. But till Quark, PageMaker & Photoshop get their butt in gear I'll have to keep using 9.2 Also, Retrospect can't see OSX from a 9 backup server. So every night I gotta boot back to 9. Hope 5 fixes that.
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    But I need OS 9.0.4 for games

    I work most of the time in X, still haven't upgraded to Office vX - that comes with my TiBook, soon hopefully. I use Appleworks as much as possible until then, love the PDF feature. Once I have Office vX then OS 9 will only be for games e.g Imperialism II only works pre 9.1, my other games seem to work fine in Classic... mostly strategy.
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    tough descision

    OSX at home

    OS 8.5 - 9.2 at work (can't use OSX since we are on an NT network and classic will not work on an NT network)
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    waiting for Photoshop

    Have been a OS X user since the beta, but had to keep booting back into 9 to get any work done. Then along came 10.1 and now I only ever use 9 for photoshop. Once photoshop 7 comes out I'll be dumping Classic.
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    9 75% X 25%

    I am using 9 most of the time still, I love to use X but I am a graphic designer most softwares I need it still not support for X yet. Man, I was hoping Macromedia announced something at MAC World but nothing at all! I am just happy that Adobe is annoucing Photoshop. Golive and Livemotion. That probably will convert to X...I can live without Flash or Dreamweaver for awhile.

    I am going to Video Production! So Apple better release new G4 or 5 Tower soon...Or I am converting to PC and FORGET ABOUT X!
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    have to use OS 9.1

    I bought an aftermarket G3 chip to soup up my 8600, only to find out the manufacturer will not upgrade or support it. So Im stuck with OS 9.1. Would lvoe to run OSX, have played on it and it is stable.

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