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Dock Indicator Lights

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by pilot01, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Mountain Lion new installation. The dock indicator lights do not illuminate for open applications. Only the Finder light is illuminated. The "Show indicator lights" check box is checked in preferences.

    Are apps quitting automatically when I close the window now?
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    It does show at the edge of the screen, although it might be slightly difficult to see.
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    Yea, some apps but not all quit when you close them. I personally like this feature.;)
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    I have my dock located at the bottom of the screen and the only indicator light that is ever on is the "finder". No indicators under any app icons ever. Also, when I have a app open and I right click on the icon in the dock, the quit command is not there anymore.

    So, the only way to quit a application is to have the application on top and active, use a shortcut keys or open the application menu at the top of the screen?
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    I've noticed this with Messages. When I close it, its still running, yet the light indicator isn't under the icon in the dock. The light indicator stayed on after closing with Lion.
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    I've noticed a few apps' lights turn off when closing (Calendar, for instance), whilst others don't. Wish they made the behaviour consistent.
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    Seems consistent here: I have lights for open apps, no lights for closed ones, exactly as per Lion.
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    I do not get any indicator lights on any applications. And what happened the the quit command on a right click on the icon.
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    I know some applications keep running in the background (or your menu bar) even though the main instance of the app is closed, Messages is one of these, i believe, along with LittleSnitch, Cloud.app, etc... Try opening Safari or Chrome and check if the light stays on after closing all windows (but not quitting the app itself)
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    Nope, no lights ever! except FINDER.
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    The lights are next to impossible to see on my 15" MBP.
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    Wow O.O have you tried playing around the system preferences pane for the dock? It's worth a shot...
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    In Lion, most apps lights should have stayed on when the app was closed but not quitted.
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    OK, a reboot seems to have solved the problem. Thanks everybody for the help. I don't know what happened but all seems OK Now.
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    Let's hope Apple makes the lights brighter in a software update.
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    I still prefer the glossier dock of Lion any time over ML. :(
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    I agree. But apparently, I had a bad boot up because I had now way of telling if an app was open or not.

    Oh well, sometimes these friendly electrons are not so friendly after all.
    O reboot fixed it! Kind of like kicking the coke machine to get it to work.
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    fsck-y dingo

    Here's a screen shot of Finder, Safari and iTunes active with windows closed. Are you not able to replicate this? If so, there must be an option that isn't set correctly for them to display for you but I can't think of what it could be.

    Edit Nevermind..didn't see this was resolved before posting.

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    Oh WOW, that's something hard to see! But my dock is always on the sides so I'm not affected.

    I also had to crank up my mouse cursor size so I don't have to shake my mouse to find the cursor like before... Maybe I'm just getting old :eek:
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    Could you try it for Calendar and report back? Open it, close it, and then make another app the 'active' app, and see if the light is still on.

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    A little hard to see.
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    cocky jeremy

    Weird. It's still there for me when Messages is running.
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    I think they intentionally made it hard to see. Apple has been trying to take the emphasis off "running" and "not running" apps for years now.
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    This is what I mean. In this shot, the Messages window is closed, however still running in the background. Yet, no indicator light is below the icon in the dock. In Lion, some apps had a light under the icon, even when the app was closed, but running in the background.

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    I love the new look. At first I thought the lights were hard to see as well, but now my eyes just snap right to them. I guess you just have to adjust to it :)

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