Does anyone have any recommendations for a used $200 electric guitar?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by MacsBestFriend, Jun 9, 2009.

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    It needs to be a strat and something that will last. I would prefer a Fender or Gibson (Premium brands). I'm going to the store on Saturday to look- WOOT! :D
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    Fender Squier Strats can be had for $200 NEW.
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    I recommend Washburn but then again I'm a bassist WTF do I know about a six string:D
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    Look around for a good used MIM Strat? Or save your pennies for a new MIM Strat? :cool:
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    UR not gonna get a strat for 200. Not a fender at least, and sure not american. But i got a lefty so that might have been my problem too.
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    You've got no chance of getting a fender strat for $200. Even mexican should be around $400 2nd hand. You could get a squier standard for $200 i would think, that would last a fair while, that or theres the squier affinity range which you could certainly get brand new for $200, but frankly they're ****.
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    between the two if i bought new, would a squire standard black and chrome or an ibanez rg120 be better?
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    why don't you just go out and play some guitars until you find one you like? what does anyone here know about how you play and what you like?
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    i know, i just want some heads up when i go to the shop this weekend :eek:
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    Go look for a used strat(fender) you cant go wrong with that. Pickups are easy to replace if their messed up. Plus, the well used ones look cool:cool:
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    I'd choose Squiers (indon) over Ibby Rgs (indon/korea) anytime of the day but if its Indon Squier Strat vs Japanese Ibanez RG, i'd go for the MIJs. hehehe
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    i'd recommend either a yamaha pacifica 112 or a squier by fender strat. great guitars for the price, and you can get them brand new for under 200.

    i bought a squier with a sunburst finish about a week ago, i could take pics if you want - it's just beautiful. sounds amazing and it feels awesome too. however... you might want to check out the pac112 (pacifica 112) - built with great quality parts and a lot of experienced guitarists recommend it and go as far as saying they wouldn't think twice about playing the guitar live if one of their expensive (1000+) guitars went missing. i went for the squier because they wouldn't ship the pacifica to where i live.
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    If you could post some pics that would be great! Thanks! :D
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    it's best to try your guitar in a shop. no two guitars ever feel the same!
    it's very personal, like choosing a child or pet.
    go, play, feel and fall in love with your axe....there's nothing like it.
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    yes, i never buy children online anymore.


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