Does resetting/restarting an iPod damage it in any way?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by doxavita, Nov 24, 2010.

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    I have encountered cases in which my iPod freezes and have had to reset/restart it. (Pressing and holding menu and center buttons)

    Today it didn't freeze, but I tried resetting/restarting it anyways, and it did.

    Does doing that (reset/restart) damage the iPod (it's hard drive) in any way?

    Only thing I noticed was the recently played / top 25 most played playlist temporarily changing, but after playing a tune it was all back to normal.
    Oh and the battery was slightly drained too...
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    I will second the previous post and say no. Resetting/restarting should cause no damage. On the other hand frequently having to restart or reset may be the consequence of perhaps a malfunctioning ipod. You never mentioned your ipod model, I mention this only because I had an old HD based ipod that would require frequent resets. The resets worked fine for about a month until it died completely. Sure, the disk was already damaged and constantly resetting it probably didn't help, but then again the damage was already done.

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