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Does the REV C suffer from the lines on the screen issue

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by WorldIRC, Jul 25, 2009.

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    As the title states,
    Does the new REV C suffer from the screen problems (lines) that the REV B had?
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    Well I just bought the REV c 2.13 128ssd and have no issues or lines, very pleased with it coming from a powerbook 1.5 12"

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    yes......they do.
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    ditto here, identical spec Rev C works FANTASTIC... I also just bought a 3rd party mini-display port to regular display port cable for $20 or so and I can now hook up my MBA to my Dell 3008 30" LCD!!! works amazingly well...
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    Glad to hear cuz the lines on my REV B was the one thing that made me return it last year.
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    I went from Rev A to Rev C (had broken hinges on rev A and Apple repaired it so I gave it to my g/f to use). I don't know why people say the screen on B/C is crappier than the A -- I really beg to differ...

    also, for $10 coolbook is the best app you can get to ensure it's not reaching crazy temps.. mine is hooked up on 30" LCD right now, running bunch of apps and my temp is 145 oF at 1596Mhz
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    Some folks did report this with their Rev C. I have one and my screen is fine.

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    I've been to two Apple Stores and two Best Buy's, and all 6 Rev C's have the lines on display. It is a widespread issue, same as it was with the Rev B. It was not corrected.
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    I still haven't ever looked for these or happened to see them. Is it really obvious at first glance?
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    I bought a REV C (2.13GHz) yesterday, and I don't see any lines on mine. Is there a "line" test I can do or am I being paranoid? My brightness is set at 75%, and tried looking at the Google home page as a test.
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    There is no test, but some people simply don't notice them. I had a REV A Air for a year, and it was painfully obvious when I switched to a REV B. The screen is dimmer and washed out. The best way to see it is to boot the Apple Store on your computer, and then stick it next to any other machine Apple makes besides the Air (also with the Apple Store page), all at full brightness. It will be more noticeable then. The Air is the only screen in the Apple Stores that look that way. And once you see them, they pop out on every screen that has them. They are incredibly annoying once you see them.

    The lines themselves are very thin, grayish, and horizontal (slightly diagonally from the lower left to appear right if I remember correctly).
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    i can also confirm that the rev c has the line-issue. so far i have recived 3 macbook air 2.13 but only one of them had the line-problem.

    i mailed steve jobs and phil shiller about the lineproblem and custom relations called me today and say there are working on the problem and hopefully it soon will be gone.
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    Yeah, in the next revision...which will hopefully also fix the hinge issue, the wi-fi issue, and the trackpad scratching the bezel issue (hopefully fixed with a glass trackpad!)...not to mention 4 gigs of ram, a better battery, and a 256 gig SSD.
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    That's what it would take to make me buy one, even at the current prices. There shouldn't be stupid problems like the line issue or the trackpad scratching the bezel with any computer costing even $1500, much less more.
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    Yes. No one reported seeing the excellent and unique 9C8F screens in any of the revC.
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    Especially not after 3 revisions! Although it is interesting that the REV A did not suffer from the line issue at all.
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    Not really. There are very few revA with lines. "very" is the keyword and that is why you almost never heard of people complaining, but I have seen more than one and less than five!
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    if you put a A and C together the screen quality in the A will pop.
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    My Rev C.

    I do not have any lines on my Rev C 128 ssd MBA. I've tried to look and I don't see anything.
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    Sorry but that is because you are not used to seeing them so maybe you do not know what to look for and that is an advantage to you :)
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    Ditto, just picked mine up today. No lines.
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    Rev C Lines

    Just received mine this morning: no lines, no nothing but a very speedy computer so far. The fan runs pretty regularly, but I've been using the optical drive to load stuff onto it, and at the moment it is probably nearly ninety humid degrees in my apartment. Screen is gorgeous.
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    2.16 SSD Rev C (obviously) here with no lines. And no problems of any kind.

    Having passed my Rev A 1.8 80gig down to my wife, we're both love, love, loving our MBAs.
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    In comparing my girlfriend's rev.A vs her new rev.C, I noticed that the colors on the rev.A are more vibrant and fuller than the rev.C.

    The rev.C has the slight grayish horizontal lines as described in this thread. it's annoying and it makes the screen seem washed out. White colors look yellowish and the gray lines are easier to spot on black colors.

    We plan to go to the Apple Store and exchange it. :mad:
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    Don't plan on that helping. Almost ALL have lines it's just to what degree. Most that report "no lines" simply don't understand or see them, but most of the time they are there even when the untrained eye doesn't see them.

    I see the lines instantly on over 90% of rev C MBAs. I can see them from several feet when walking up to an MBA in an Apple store.

    These lines are sometimes terrible but mostly moderate. Slightly affected displays are what we are looking for. On those, the lines can only be seen from four to six inches from the display. That doesn't affect "normal" viewing.

    I have researched and tested this fully. I believe there will be a firmware fix.

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