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Double sound output ??

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by NP3, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. NP3
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    Hey, I'm wondering if i can ouput sound to my soundsticks and my 1/8" jack at the same time on my powerbook 15".

    I can't seem to find any programs / how to's....

    The reason i want to do this is to have sound to the tv and throw my soundsticks in the back of the room.

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    Could you get what you want with Detour? If that doesn't work, you could always use a splitter to send the audio signal output from the Mac to both devices at once.
  3. NP3
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    As far as i can tell, Detour only lets you redirect the sound from a specific application to one specific output source, not two output sources.

    I have the original soundsticks that only connect via usb. Is it still possible to split it?
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    Rod Rod

    Which model of Soundsticks is it? Is it the USB model or the 1/8" plug model (called the Soundsticks II)?

    It makes a difference.

    Edit: oops, didn't write and submit fast enough .. stuff was going on in the house. Anyhow, since it's the USB model you have, I have no idea.
  5. NP3
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    Nobody knows?
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    As far as I know, USB cannot be split :( :mad:

    If you had computer speakers that connected via a standard sound out/headphones port, then all you would need is an audio splitter. Such devices can be obtained at just about any hardware store that sells technology (Radio Shack in the USA is a perfect example). The best part about these things is that they don't have to be configured. Just plug three cables into the device: the source (the sound cable from your Mac to the splitter - if you need a cable, the hardware store's your solution), the first destination, and the second destination.
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    sorry to hijack this thread, but it fits closely...

    i have an iMac G4, so the apple pros have the proprietary connector... if i hook up some other speakers to the headphone port, it only goes through there... in my case, can i have audio go through both the apple pro's and the headphone speakers???

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    I have an iMac G4 too with the apple pros you speak of, and I know of no way to send output through both ports other than splitting the headphone port signal and somehow adapting the proprietary connector to a standard audio out jack - but I don't know if such an adapter exists.
  9. NP3
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    What about on the software side?

    Anything that could configure the sound to output to more than one device?
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    I don't know of anything. I'm afraid I'll have to let someone else step in and help you, since I'm out of ideas.
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    There is no solution I know of. I was in a similar situation. I had my Creature Speakers and my Pro Speakers for my G4 iMac. I ended up giving up my search.

    But, if you're expecting to get surround sound, give up. If there was such an app available to enable all of your speakers, your two pair of speakers will only be able to amplify the sound (so the volume is basically getting bigger), not give you surround sound. Useless.

    However, if you'd like an adapter for that Pro Speaker, buy the iFire: http://griffintechnology.com/products/ifire/.
  12. NP3
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    Thanks for your help anyway wrldwzrd89. I appreciate it.

    applekid-- i realize i can't get any sort of surround sound...it would just be cool to be able to utilize all my speakers for the same purpose...so i can have sound all around me :)

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