Drag and Drop Files in MobileMe iDisk from PC?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Resist, Sep 14, 2010.

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    I can't seem to be able to drag and drop my files into iDisk in my PC. Is it possible?
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    Yes it is possible. I use the drap and drop on a daily basis. I am using Mac OS and I take it from the title that you are using a Windows based computer?
    Even still, I had this working before I made the switch. Do you get any error messages when you try and drag a file into the iDisk folder?
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    Did you add your iDisk as a Mapped Network Drive? If so, then it looks just like any other network folder.
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    Maybe I am not explaining my problem correctly.

    I log into my account at www.me.com on my PC and open the the iDisk screen, I try to drag and drop a picture file but it doesn't go into iDisk. The way to get the file in, is to click the up arrow to do the upload.

    I have no idea how to make iDisk as a Mapped Network Drive....so no on that question.
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    You will be happy once you setup a Mapped Network Drive. What I do is create a file with the name of iDisk.bat (a text file). I put the following (1 line) in the bat file. Make sure to replace userid (twice) with your real userid and password with your real password. The first time just click on the bat to run. After, add it to your Startup Folder (Windows/All Programs/Startup - Open). Now when you open you computer you will see a "I" drive letter. Treat it like any other drive letter. Cut/Paste etc. Of course you userid/password is saved i clear text, a security concern.

    net use i: https://idisk.me.com/userid password /user:userid /persistent:no

    The other way to do it is to go into Network Folder (I think this is where) and "create" a Mapped Network Drive and put the URL (starting with https:) above dropping the /persistent:no (maybe even drop the userid and password (this is documented somewhere). Then select you drive letter (like I) and then set to reconnect at startup. Set to enter credentials. However, I had some problems with this method reconnecting at startup so I went the other direction which seems to always work.
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    Would you happen to know if there is a way to upload pics to iDisk from my iPhone 4?
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    There is currently no way to natively do this from the iPhone 4 itself.
    However, you can upload the pictures to the MobileMe gallery from the phone.
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    I already knew this but thanks. Just seems kind of ridiculous to have to use 2 apps, especially since DropBox can do it with one.

    Pretty sure I won't be renewing my MobileMe subscription now. I though Apple products were about ease of use?
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    Why is it you want to use the iDisk anyway, out of interest. The gallery is much more stylish, and syncs with iPhoto/Aperture, so you'll still be able to get all your pictures on your desktop, if that's what you're after.
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    The process to connect your PC to your iDisk is documented in the Apple Support knowledge base here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3264.

    I was looking in this forum for the very same topic because I need to upload some files from my PC at work to my iDisk so that I can work on them at home. It took me less than one minute to establish the connection.

    My PC is Windows 7, so I used the instructions for Vista from the Apple Support kb, and it was close enough to work perfectly.
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    Dr McKay

    I networked my iDisk as a network drive on Windows 7, shame it was just so cripplingly slow... Is it only like this outside of the US?

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