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Dual-800 G4's Shipping:

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Aug 13, 2001.

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    I phoned the Apple Store to see if I could hear some hopeful news regarding the shipping status of my dual-800 G4 Quicksilver, ordered the day of the keynote (7/18). Past calls had yeilded nothing more than "5-7 weeks from your order date," but today I was told some pleasant news indeed. It appears that the dual-800's are shipping this week! Another user with a dual-800 on order was given a solid ship date of Wednesday (this week), upon calling the Apple Store.

    It seems they're finally about to move. We'll do what we can to get some benchmarks on-line ASAP. Good news!
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    Cool Beans.

    :D V8 on the way... :D

    At the apple store, the dual 800s show a 15 day shipping lead time.

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    Thats news man....

    Hopefully the european store will also ship my beast this week....
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    I hope mine gets shipped. They pre-authorized my credit card last week and told me that usually means that they are 3-5 days from shipping. But when I called today to check they didn't have any additional information. I'm hoping that because I went with a CTO (minimal RAM & HD, and opted for the GF3), that doesn't hold it up unecessarily...
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    The G4's are coming

    Good finally, After waiting a long time the dual 800 come. You un pack it, then you notice the mold and the tiny scratches, you still determaned to boot it. You put it together, and you look to see if the order was right. Apple system profiler should tell. Hey wait... THIS IS A DUAL 1 GHZ, GEFORCE3, 1.5 GIG OR RAM, 80 GB HD, SUPER MAC.
    Now should I call apple or just stick with it?
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    Re: The G4's are coming

    Can we get that in English please?
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    "Good finally, After waiting a long time the dual 800 come. You un pack it, then you notice the mold and the tiny scratches, you still determaned to boot it. You put it together, and you look to see if the order was right. Apple system profiler should tell. Hey wait... THIS IS A DUAL 1 GHZ, GEFORCE3, 1.5 GIG OR RAM, 80 GB HD, SUPER MAC.
    Now should I call apple or just stick with it? "

    Why is there always some one that inmature? When I was studing multimedia there was always some one dreaming that kind of stuff during class... of course they never finished the program.
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    I can dream

    Fool. I'm sure that it would be cool. Man, can I post without someone disagreeing? Wow, I thought I could joke.
    (I thought wrong)
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    If the dual 800's ship this week I honestly think I'll cry out of joy. I sit up at night on my G3 and just think...and try to fathom what it will be like to use my G4. I've used a G4 500 before...but that does not even compare...I'm sure none of you care but still...I shall trully be the happiest man on earth for a few breif moments.

    I say let him dream. The world needs dreamers...Here's to the Crazy Ones.
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    MrMacman & Kela

    What is the nature of your staggering stupidity?

    You two appear not to have even one single sliver of rationality between you. Are you brothers? Were you both the victims of some sort of fertility drug gone terribly awry? I thought originally you were foreign, and that the language barrier was the cause, but I fear it cannot be so simply explained away.

    How old are you, each? Are you on medication? Do you have friends? Christ!

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    I called Apple again just to see what they would say...

    Said it's not showing "in process" just yet, but since it was ordered on the 18th, it should be soon. "I'd give it another week and we'll get that badboy out to you, ok?"

    Hmm... Must...have...machine...

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    Guess What Blakespot

    Just heard some great news... I just spoke with a representative at the Apple Store... Checking on software I ordered with my machine and the machine itself... The representative told me that he heard of a dual 800 that shipped today...

    I was told to probably expect a shipping date within the next week... Wahey Of course I did get the 5 week from order thing but was told that that was Apple being conservative...

    I'm counting the days, hrs, minutes...

    PS. Cann't you do something about that parental permission thing? The page wouldn't tell me what I missed. That and I'm old enough not to need ay permission
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    DUAL 800...

    Apple may be sorely underestimating the popularity of high end Macs when they say they are nervous or unsure about the introduction of quad-processor models. According to the Mac expert over at the local Comp USA (An original 1984 Mac user who's stuck with it through thick and thin), their store can't even keep the 867s in stock!.. They are out of 867's entirely and the second they get a new shipment of 867s, they are all gone the same day. He also notes that his entire Mac sales staff has been complaining about the number of inquiries they keep getting about "when are you going to have the dual 800s in stock?".. I've got another friend myself with a dual 800 on order who will be relieved to hear it will reach him soon.

    Power Mac users aren't low end enthusiasts.. as far as that's concerned, the more power they can get the better. Apple will be missing the boat if they don't follow the impending success of the dual 800 with a Quadruple processor model.. Graphics professionals depend on the Mac, and they save time and money the faster the computer can do the repetitive tasks that they rely upon if for. If Apple builds it faster, there will always be a substantial base of professional and upper-end enthusiast buyers who have been waiting for the next major upgrade, eager to buy. Especially the first 4P model. It will be a milestone in Mac tech.

    Picture this.. Processor one is busilly encoding a disc into MP3s and playing while it encodes in iTunes. Processors two and three are fulltime buzzing away hyper speed encoding a Final Cut Pro video for export to iDVD or DVD Studio Pro. Finally, processor four is giving speedy user interaction with Internet Explorer while browsing pages on a DSL or Cable connection to the net and during the idle moments while the user is reading, processor four also jumps in with processors two and three to help knock out more pieces of the encoding job.. It's a fantastic thought to have so much power that the user never has to experience sluggishness while things are being done speedily in the background. Multiprocessors guarantee this kind of smooth workflow. I for one, can't wait. The dual G4 800 is a significant step forward to a just such a computing experience, but I know that the dual or quad G5s have got to be just around the corner! }:-])

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    man, i just hope you're right!!! not that i would ever need that kind of power, in fact the dual 800s would be more than enough for me....

    however, i am more interested in portables....i'm waiting for the Ti G4s to get the combo drives and maybe, in the future, when Apple figures out the heat and power issues, a dual processor laptop....

    until either of those comes, i'll stick with my good old Macintosh Powerbook G3 (bronze keyboard)....
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    Dual 800 Ships this week

    I called Apple and was told that there was no reason for my dual 800 G4 not to ship this week. So sometime next week I should be happy.
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    Off topic

    I am a little off topic but I am really impressed with Apples speed in shipping. I have heard lots of stories about Apple's first month or 2 after a big new product. And how they take for ever to get stuff out the door. Remeber when they wouldn't ship towers when the Apple pro keyboard came out becuse they ran out? I ordered a 867 with a 17' LCD on the 11th. I got the free printer they gave me on the 13th. I should be getting my LCD today (the 15th) And they shipped my tower yesterday (the 14th) and should have it by tomorrow. I customized my Mac too! When I was told it would take 15 days I thought that it was resonable due to the fact that they had to build it for me. But wow... order on the 11th and compleet order shipment by the 14th! Go Apple!

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    I called Apple yesterday after reading this thread, all the guy on the telephone could tell me was.. "I haven't heard of any Dual 800's shipping yet." And gave me the (5-7 weeks from the date you ordered) line. (ordered on the 18th, an hour or so after MacWorld).

    Only thing I added to mine that was different than the regular model was the GeForce3. Shouldn't hold it up too much I wouldn't think.

    Oh well, heres to hoping mine goes out too this week ;).
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    Sorry to say

    Apple got it's Geforce3 cards ship 2 day's late. I hope that dosen't delay the shipping to much.
    Quad mAc's Forever!
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    Woo Hoo! CTO config with a GF3, ordered the day of the Expo (July 18th), and it shipped tonight! Just got the tracking #, and it should be here on Friday!
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    Recieved my shipment notification e-mail this evening. Might show up as early as tomorrow since the Fed Ex location it's coming from isn't too far from away.

    *thumbs up* to Apple for getting these puppies out the door before the deadline.

    Now all I have to do is hope once it's all plugged in and I hit the power button that something positive happens. ;)
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    Apple is trying

    To get order's/deadlines to be acceded. Since apple pushed back OS X they have been trying to pass the deadlines. And the dual 800's are all good news. And them selling out is better news.

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