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Dual display desktops

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by KooBrewoP, May 19, 2004.

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    Anyone know where to get those cool desktops that span 2 monitors, the ones apple uses to show off dual displays? :confused:
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    it has nothing to do with the desktop, they simpley have a video card with 2 ports (or even 2 video cards), plug in monitors and rock and roll.

    or by desktop do you mean literaly desk top? If thats true then I dont know where to get them.
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    Yah, i'm sure he means the pictures. Apple gets them from a stock library of digital pictures, and then tweak them. They only ever are shown on the photos, and aren't for download or anything. If you want, you could find a pic of dual monitors on apple.com/pr/ but it will still be low res. Your best hope to get a dual monitor desktop is to go to digitalblasphamy. They have CGI desktops that are two sections, one for the left and one for the right monitor.
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    Check out 9X Media for some top quality multi-screen wallpapers :cool:
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    thanks a lot.

    Is their some function on the mac that i am missing that allows you to set them correctly on both monitors automatically, or do you have to manually cut and paste them in to 2 separate images before putting them up as backgrounds?
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    You have to split them yourself :(
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    uhhhhh :rolleyes:
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    deviant art has cool ones too... its not hard to split them... just pull the image up in photoshop or whatever you use... cut the image in half... save each half... set each half to its appropriate screen... it looks top notch...
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    Indeed it does...

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