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Discussion in 'iPod' started by huhwtfisthis?, Oct 14, 2008.

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    I used handbrake to rip my dvds onto my macbook, they all play fine in itunes, but when i tried to sync them onto my ipod, an error message popped up saying they were in the wrong format and couldn't play on the ipod... but they are saved as m4p files so idk what the problem is, how can i get my movies on my ipod?
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    When you have Handbrake open, there is a tab on the upper right that says "Toggle Presets"

    The HB-iPod one must be selected

    You may have done this, but in case you didn't it's the only thing i can think of
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    Sky Blue

    Choose one of the iPod presets.
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    o damn, so you mean i am gonna have to import my dvds again?
    well this sucks
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    You can use iSquint to convert those files into iPod compatible files. It'll be way faster than ripping the DVDs again.

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    is there any other program that can do the same thing for free, because you can't download iSquint anymore...
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    Torrent iSquint. That shouldn't be illegal since it was free to begin with.
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    well, i've tried using bittorrent to download things, but that never works for me either...

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