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eMac fan noise

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by mim, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. mim
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    Hi Guys

    I'm looking at getting a refurb/2nd hand machine to use as a home server. At the moment there's a 600 Snow crt iMac and an 800 new model eMac available at about the same price.

    My question is what do I get?! The iMac is what I wanted originally because it has no fan (and as a server I'd have it on all the time - I'm in a studio appartment so the fan noise is an issue).

    However, at about the smae price the eMac is very appealing - just a bit faster, bigger drive, can put a superdrive in it (when I'm feeling game).

    So those of you with an eMac...what's it like? How's the noise? Any other issues?

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    I wasn't aware that the iMac doesn't have a fan...are you sure about that?
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    All iMacs have a fan. The original one has one to cool the CRT. The new one has one to just vent the heat from the entire computer compartment.

    I've never heard any complaints about noise at all from any iMac or eMac.
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    It does? I must have missed it the last time I had to repair my wife's iMac G3. Actually it IS fanless. In case I really missed it, then even during the very hot summer days this year (we had up to 30°C in our appartment), it never turned on...

    I would always opt for the original iMac when it's used as a server only. It has a way smaller footprint and the only noise it produces is the spinning HD, which is close to none, since it sits almost in the middle of the computer, covered by all kinds of stuff. And when you tell the HD to go to sleep when not used for a certain time, it is completely silent! It is amazing!

    And if you need a bigger harddrive, well just put a 120GB drive in it for 100$. The speed of the CPU should be more than enough for the minimal file serving you have in mind (1 or 2 clients, 100Mbit/s network).

    The eMac HAS a fan and a fan always produces noise. And when it is quite in the room at night, you can hear everything... Believe me! I am using a Macintosh LC as a little web-server in my Home-Office and it has only that teeny tiny fan in the middle of the pizza-box case. You can hear it clearly when it is quite and I would never put it into the same room where I am sleeping at night. It would drive me nuts...

    My advise... go for the original iMac.


  5. mim
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    I'm pretty sure that the later model CRT iMacs do not have a fan.

    Trying to find a link now...

    p.s. I wan't really asking about the fan noise being a problem...I wouldn't complain about the PC I'm using at work - but i wouldn't want to sleep near it either.

    Just wondering if anyone has a similar experience with their eMac (sleeping with their computer..sheeze :p ).
  6. mim
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    Thanks Groovebuster, that was a great summary. Cheers!

    Only one question, can the G3 iMacs use external firewire DVD burners? I don't need it to produce 'movie' DVD's - just file backups.
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    Both imac and emac are pretty large machines just to be a server in a studio apartment. I don't know how loud they are but have you thought about getting a B&W G3 powermac? They're probably powerful enough for you and easier to upgrade. I don't know about US prices but there's one here going for £175 (about $260).

    Incidently I was under the impression the CRT imac was fanless...
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    Of course you can... if there is a FireWire-plug and you are running up-to-date system software you can even plug your electric toothbrush into it... ;).

    Well, my wife does the same, using an external DVD burner with her iMac once in a while. The only thing you should keep in mind is, that you can't use things like iDVD with it. But when your primary use would be doing backups of DVDs (and not producing them yourself), then you would use Toast for burning anyway, so no problem! :)

  9. mim
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    Hmm...you've sent me off on a tangent again - DAMN YOU CAVEMAN! :p

    I think the intergrated screen of the iMac many not be a bad idea, as I'll probably spend loads of time infront of it - It'll probably end up with some kind of BSD on there.....or if it's running OSX then it may double as a digital picture frame....posibilities, posibilites.
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    Weird... you think that the original iMac is bigger than a B&W G3 Powermac? Don't forget you need a monitor once in a while (for maintenance and stuff). Also fan noise was an issue, so what's the benefit of having a tower in the room that sounds like a vacuum cleaner when everything is silent at night?

    They are...

  11. mim
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    Oh yes, that electric toothbrush..heheh. Thanks groovebuster, great stuff. :)

    BTW, new tar is it? Can't remember what you had before.
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    If you want to use an external DVD-Burner, you have no choice than using Mac OS X... :rolleyes:

  13. mim
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    Mind you one huge benifit of this - I'd be able to add another NIC to it so I could use it as a firewall / DMZ server kinda thang.

    I may hedge my bets that Panther makes it possible for Macs to use usb network cards though.
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    It's still my first one (since April this year), so no change... it's the head-stock of my favourite guitar I own. A Gibson Les Paul Custom '84. :)

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    Routers with built in firewall functionality are so cheap meanwhile, I would always opt for something like that. But I guess that really depends on personal preferences...

  16. mim
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    That would be the sensible option, but I have it in my head that I want to try my hand at a bsd firewall.

    Yes, I must be crazy.

    I did a quick search on the prices of 600 snows - some of them are going for about $800US! This ones a bit cheaper, and in AUD. So I may be the proud owner of my first iMac tomorrow. Hhehe. And to think I liked the beige G3's better when the first iMac's came out :p.
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    So good luck then! :)
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    Just goes to show there is a market for a small headless mac server for home use ;)
  19. mim
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    Oh yes. Now if only Apple brought out "video over Airport" and released Airport enabled wireless LCD's, I'd be in HEAVEN! ARE YOU LISTENING STEVE?!
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    For a minute there I thought you were shouting at me (My real name is Steve;) ) But I guess you're calling out to Mr Jobs :D
  21. mim
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    lol! I bet you often get that Caveman.

    Steve?! Is that you STEVE? Your my wife now!

    <ok, obscure reference>
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    The G4 Cube is a perfect choice for this. Small, fanless, and you can usually find a near mint one for less than $800.
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    It appears we are both correct. All CRT iMacs have a fan up until they introduced the slot loading models. I think that is revision D iMacs. Also if you want firewire on CRT iMacs you have to get a DV model the regular models didn't come with it.


    Personally if you want to take up the least amount of desk space and have the most powerful Mac you can get for the money in that space I would by a Cube. They are guaranteed to be silent. They do not have a fan and they have a G4 processor. Not to mention they are easier to upgrade then any iMac or eMac. Attach a cheap 15" LCD to it and you have a good server system.
  24. mim
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    Oh aye, that is what I want. Unfortunately the ones I've seen recently down here have been selling for just a tad more than what I want to pay for "box to tinker with". I do have dibs on a nice hardly-ever-used one though. I can wait for that ;)

    The now popularity of the cube really begs the question why Apple didn't just reduce the price of the damn things to begin with, and keep making them. They are such magic machines.
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    They truly are and I would have one right now just for a second machine if I could pick up a modern one for $1000. Honestly they could sell LCD iMac without the LCD for less then $1000 if you think about the price of the screen and that little dome thing would be great though it wouldn't be upgradeable like the Cube.

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