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eMac issues

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by ghall, Jan 20, 2007.

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    Okay, I'm having an issue with a client's eMac. Basically, the display won't turn on. When the machine is booted up, everything sounds fine, but the display remains blank. I suggestion she check the serial number to see if it's covered for the eMac repair extension program, but it is not.

    I tried removing any extra RAM and I had no luck. I am pretty much stumped as to what I should do.
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    Scarlet Fever

    is there another one you could test it with? the board between the GPU and the display (analogue board?) may be shot.
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    No, this is at a home, and they only have one computer. I have my MacBook Pro with me, so is it possible to run some sort of diagnostic over FireWire or ethernet?
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    Well you could try plugging a external monitor in and seeing if it works fine then. If so the CRT bit the dust. If it does not work then it is probably the GPU. Or something worse. BUt try booting it into target disk mode and see if it mounts on the macbook. If so then its all display related either the GPU or CRT or cables in between.
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    Here's Apple's procedures for diagnosing and potentially resolving a no-video problem.
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    Cool. Thanks.

    Edit: Didn't work. Looks like it's taking a trip to the Apple store.

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