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eMac without screen ?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Skrot Nisse, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Is it possible to pull out the insides of an eMac,
    wire up the video out to a monitor and use it
    as a stand-alone Mac ? Or does it have to be
    connected to the actual tube ?

    I recall the early iMacs being able to do this, but
    that the DV iMacs couldn't...

    Anyone done this, any links ?

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    As long as you keep the power supply then there shouldn't be too much of a drama. The eMac has VGA (mini?) output that can drive an external display. Having trouble with the tube on your emac?
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    Is this verified ? Can one disconnect the tube without gutting the eMac ? I.e. testing before scrapping!

    I've bought an eMac (on it's way) which apparently has a fuzzy screen (at times). I don't know how fuzzy...

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    Yer, it will deffo be monitor problems then, I have a 21" CRT at work (Connected to a PC *SPIT*) that sometimes does that, a restart normally fixes tho. I would see how bad it is before deciding to gut your eMac, as that could be a fun job.
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    There is the possibility that you can simply adjust the sharpness on the tube by opening it up and tweaking the flyback transformer. You'll need a take apart guide regardless but it should have the adjustments in there. You could also tuck the eMac away somewhere and just plug a seperate monitor to it without gutting it. From memory the video connection mates with the tube section not through a cable but a connector, it's quite difficult to simply disconnect the tube without pulling it apart but it can be done. Still I say chuck it in a cupboard and run another display - or see if you can correct the internal display.
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    Good link - to think I could have bought an eMac logic board last week for $40 and hooked up an ATX PSU and had yet another mac. Anyways there is your answer.
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    Thanks, my son's eMac is fine but that crt will not last forever.

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