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eMacs and Intel

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by aafuss1, Nov 23, 2005.

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    Does anyone think Apple will continue to revise the eMac (even though it's only for educational instiutions) to keep education sales strong, with a Intel processor, or more likely offer Intel Edu. iMac's and PM's?
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    I don't think anyone knows for sure, but i would speculate definitly:) that is, since the software developers are being told to compile for intel, it would be crazy to keep 1 model of Mac behind.
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    I hope so. I've always like the eMac. But I doubt it will happen. :(
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    When you say you doubt it will happen, do you think that they'll just stop making the eMac, or continue to make them, just with non-intel chips?:confused:
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    I think there is a good chance we will see a re-designed eMac of sorts with the switch to intel wither that or they will offer a cheaper iMac G5 to appeal the eMac market, as the mac mini doesnt cut it for people who want a cheap all in one unit,

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    I think they will be cut all together :(
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    i also agree
    the latest rev. of imacs cut into the emac market because it was more affordable
    i think imacs will continue to get cheaper and eventually apple will no longer make the emac or mac mini and they will come out with a new design
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    Wait, am I missing something? You can't actually buy the eMacs anymore right? At least in the UK store they're not available!???
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    It's now education-only. They'd need to revise the eMac, to keep education buyers happy and sales going strong.
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    I think it is really a sin to sell anything with a CRT these days.

    Considering I can probably pick up a 17" CRT for like $30 nowadays, how can Apple still justify the high price?
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    I think that you are right. I seem to recall a report in the last couple of weeks that the eMac is being eliminated. The eMac was created because the lampshade iMac form-factor was not well-suited for the education environment. The iMac G5 is much less vulnerable. The iMac G5 form-factor coupled with the plumeting prices of LCD displays virtually eliminates any advantage that the eMac may have enjoyed.
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    Perhaps some kind of machine that uses modified Mac Mini hardware and a 15" screen, but for the desktop? Who knows. The Mac Mini, as many people have said, fits a lot of the edu market niche needs as well as the eMac does.
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    I think that with the Intel update there is the possibility of having a low-end iMac, with a slower processor, 5400rpm HD, Combo Drive, no iSight etc etc.
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    I had been wondering about that. I didn't know that schools could still buy it. I was trying to figure out what schools were supposed to do, the mini is no good because it's not an all-in-one, and the iMac is too expensive, and lcds aren't good for schools either (too many kids poking at them).

    So if they are still making the eMac, I suspect it will end with Intel. I suspect that Apple isn't truly making them anymore, my guess is that they just had enough "extra" to last them through the intel swap, and they made it only available to schools so it could last.
    I'm hoping for a whole new eMac type machine with intel, that will be good for schools.

    If they keep the eMac after intel, it will probably be the last thing to switch, because schools don't need to deal with any possible problems that might come with the first sets of intels.
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    very nice machine the best mac apart from my ti powerbook that i haved owned and very upgradable :)
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    As others have said, they're edu-only now and have been for quite some time if i remember correctly. They really have become a bit obsolete since the release of the Mini. It's a shame to see them go, I always thought they looked pretty cool.

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