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EMI copy protected cds

Discussion in 'iPod' started by frankblundt, Dec 29, 2005.

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    anyone had any problems with EMI cds?
    i bought a compilation that said you could only burn three copies and only convert it to WMA and (consequently) you couldn't put it on an iPod. I ripped it thru iTunes tho, to mp3 and loaded it up without a hitch - on a mac.
    Is this Windows-only DRM? What are they thinking? are they thinking? :eek:
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    Yes, this is Windows-stylee protection.
    And no, they are not thinking.

    Every 'copy-protected' CD I own has been easily and successfully ripped on my Mac. The day they introduce perfect rip-on-a-mac-proof audio CDs is the day I stop buying CDs.
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    does that include the recently infamous Sony/BMG rootkit ones?
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    No. Because the artists that are released with this kind of nonsense are not the kind of artists I am interested in.

    But referring to your original question, the 6-8 EMI CDs I have with this on have ripped with no probs whatsoever.
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    Yeah my flatmates have had a problem with copy protection, i.e. on windows it only plays on its own media player!!

    They give it to me to rip on my mac and I give it back to them as aac files.
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    Really! Celine Dion? Natasha Beddingfield? Ricky Martin? How can you sleep at night without these gems in your collection?
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    rip it in old cd-rom

    my old sony cd-rw(crx-140a) rips the protected cd
    but my pioneer dvd-rom(dvd-121sa) cant read the disc
    i googled this problem and had this conclusion
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    On Windows, turn off Autorun. Or get a Mac.
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    Haven't had any major issues ripping any CDs in Windows. Just make sure autorun is off, or shift is pressed, on insertion to make sure it doesn't infest the computer with DRM crap.

    Alternatively, use the non-MS OS of your choice.
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    I've been quite lucky, for the most part, that the western hemisphere tends to ignore Mac OS X.

    I've got one Korean disc (it's not really a CD by Philips Red Book) where they cut the songs up and push some parts of them together into one large track all of which is to be decoded by a Windows-only application.
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    Don't lump Gerry Mulligan in with those people. :mad:

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