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Enabling Disk Use on iPod

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Shotgun OS, Jan 12, 2007.

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    I have some movies and music on my computer that my friend wants. I wanted to know if I can enable it for disk use, put the data on it, then take it to his house and plug it in to his dock connector. What will happen? My iPod is formatted for a Mac and his computer is a PC. I want to make sure I don't mess the iPod up. Will the iPod just show up the same way an external HD would?

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    Someone already posted the same question Here
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    After G

    When you insert your iPod, in the options section, there's a checkbox that says "enable disk use". Tick it. You should be fine; the iPod won't get messed up. Oh yea, the sample picture is from a 1G 512 MB shuffle so you don't ask "where'd the other XX GB go?".

    That person knew to check the box but didn't get the slider.

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    I did search the forums, too.....nothing came up. :confused:
    thanks again
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    Wait...I'm just a measly shuffle user, so all of my info about Mac and PC-formatted iPods is secondhand, so correct me if I'm wrong.

    The Mac-formatted iPod is in HFS+, so the PC won't be able to see it as an external unless you use something like MacDrive, correct?
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    I agree with you on this. If the iPod is formatted for a Mac, then the PC won't be able to see it.
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    Right when you plug a Mac formatted iPod into a PC it wants to format it.
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    After G

    I thought all recent iPods were Windows format as FAT32 works on both PC and Mac? Doesn't help OP if they have an older iPod though. It's why I didn't mention it.
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    I Have a 5.5 gen iPod with video capability.

    So what do I do? Format it for a PC, then reformat it for my Mac?
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    Yep. You need to format it Windows on a PC.

    You can leave it Windows formatted and still sync it to a Mac. At least until there's a software upgrade at which point it'll want to reformat to Mac.


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