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Encoding for Apple TV / Xbox 360 problem?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Buligwyf, May 30, 2007.

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    After having encoded my first XviD video with Visual Hub (using Apple TV presets + H264) I streamed the result to my sons Xbox 360. Worked perfectly. I then tried doing the same with with other identical files (same file type, different episode), but this time I get the screen showing " Can´t play this content because it my not be supported... ." "Status Code 69-04-C00D36C4". The first rip still works fine, but after dozens of attempts can´t get any of the other episodes to play on the 360. Anyone have a clue?
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    Xbox 360 doesn't support Xvid without a middle tier on the fly transcoding app. You sure it was an Xvid file the first time?
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    You´ll quickly gather I´m new to this! Anyway, this is the file extension - HR.HDTV.XviD-TVFF.avi. I used Connect 360 to stream to the Xbox... . B
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    I had a similar problem, except it played the first 6 minutes before telling me it was unsupported content :confused: Deeply confuzzled
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    I´m a bit confuzzled myself here. I dragged my various rips, that previously wouldn´t play on the 360 out of my trash to give them a second chance . Now suddenly they are playing .....BUT! No audio:eek: . So, it´s back to the drawingboard. Anything I should know about the audio formats when encoding? I used the presets for Apple TV. As I mentioned I barely know formats from doormats:eek:
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    Probably the stream dropped off. I've had that happen.
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    It looks as if the rip which gave both video and audio was encoded using the iPod / Video presets in Visual Hub and not the Apple TV preset which encodes with H246. Is there any reason why the Apple TV preset with H246 will not give me audio?

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