Encrypted Time Machine Backup taking so LONG!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by wallny, Aug 10, 2011.

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    Just bought a WD 1TB portable USB HDD. I plugged it in to do the first time Time Machine backup. The backing up process is ok: 20GB data in about 15 mins. But the encryption process is taking forever.

    It seems like a 2-step process: system copies your data to the external disk then encrypts the data.

    It's been 2hours but the encrypting only finished 27%. I guess it'll take at least another 5 hours to finish the whole thing.

    Will it take so long to do incremental backup as well? Every time I finish the backup in a few minutes but have to wait for hours for the encryption?

    Is it normal? What happens if i unplug the disk while encrypting is still going on? Will the encryption resume next time I plug it back in again?

    What's the bottleneck here? I looked at Activity Monitor, CPU's been very low usage. So I guess it's the USB2.0 that limits the encryption speed? Or the hard drive itself?

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    Remember that it's encrypting the entire drive even the empty space, you should have no problems after it's finished tho.
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    Yes I created the partition as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)", it's "Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted)" now.
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    I ran into that myself last night. It took hours ( 5+ ) to finally encrypt, and this after the time machine back up itself. I also didn't take into account that I left time machine on, so every hour it was backing up as well. Turned off time machine, extended the sleep duration, and waited patiently. Now my new drive is encrypted and working fine.
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    Does time machine ever turns off? I don't have file encryption on, and anytime I have my stupid external plugged in it's going NONSTOP :(
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    You can turn time machine off completely, so that it backups will only be done manually by you. Just open Time Machine preferences, and hit the switch to turn it off. Otherwise, it will constantly run.
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    I'm having the same problem. When the external drive is plugged in it is constantly grinding away even though both the encryption process and backup are complete.

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