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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by leerkeller, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Yeah the title pretty much explains it. I would like to have different equalizer settings for the left and right audio channel to compensate for speaker incongruities. I assume I will need an individual program or itunes/quicktime plug-in. I couldn't find what I was looking for on google, so I thought I would toss the question over here.
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    somewhat but not enough... ;)
    describe your setup/current audio flow that you need to adjust.
    is this lob sided audio affecting everything? or just the odd track? is it a question of balance, left/right levels, or is there a discrepancy between the sound coming out of each speaker?
    or something completely different...?
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    call me crazy, but i'd go spend $10 at a pawn shop for a 31-band passive mono eq to fix this. i'd never want to think about this again.

    no matter what you do, you're screwing with phase to fix an issue that shouldn't be there.

    ...or i'd just get two matching speakers.

    best luck regardless.
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    Only came across parametric EQs as VST, so think you'd be out of luck even if you were using a DAW.

    Are you? Or is this simply for listening?

    Cheapest solution - if your speakers/monitors support it - is to change the cut at the back (a switch or knob). If you do it on both in opposite directions and balance the sound, you can then tune it at the source with the inbuilt EQ.

    Otherwise, go outboard. Try and locate some mono EQs that you can place inline of the source and the output and tune to your needs.
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    I really wanted to do it as cheaply as possible. The speakers are the same, the issue is with the smaller woofer on the left speaker, which has died. I just wan't to compensate by lowering the bass frequencies on the right side a bit.

    I have come across some second hand home stereo component eq's but quality has always been middling, so I have been waiting on the right quality piece at the right price.
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    the cheapest way possible...
    what speakers/amp are you using?
    how are you playing music, is it only via itunes?
    without a clearer picture you're just going to get "guesses" to your issue, instead of solutions.

    it may be that all you need to do is turn down the bass control on your amp until it sounds equal to you and you're happy.
    the bass is already missing on the died woofer, turning down the bass (if you can) on your amp will do what you're asking.
    you could also instead, turn down the bass on the itunes equaliser.
    it doesn't matter that it's turning bass down on both left and right (in this scenario).
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    though if possible replace the woofer.
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    "Smaller woofer" What is THAT?

    Do you mean that the tweeter on one side is blown out and you want to kill the highs on the other side?

    If the problem is the blown tweeter, replace it. Likey cost under $10 at PartsExpress.

    If you want to adjust the bass move the speaker close to a wall to bost it and about 2+ feet from the wall to reduce it. Also to cut or boost treble you can aid the speakers, away to reduce it and to you to boost it.

    You are going to have to explain "Smaller woofer".
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    I wasn't concerned enough to measure the smaller woofer and didn't want to make a wrong guess at the size.....is it an eight inch woofer?

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    Open the "good" speaker and pull the lead wires off the back of the "small woofer". Zero cost and then they will match. Normally they use push-on "fasted" type connectors that come off with no tools. You might have to remove a driver to gain access with your hands if the back is not removable

    Then replace BOTH drivers. They don't cost much. Try a place like Parts Express.


    Pull both drivers and send them to Orange County Speaker on So. California and have them re-code the blown out driver (using the good one as an example.) They can strip it down to the metal basket and rebuild it. Price is not as much as you might think.

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