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Error code -50 :(

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by mrdamper, May 31, 2013.

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    I've searched for this code before, but couldn't find any help. Recently my mac broke down - it started out with the mac not able to delete any files (error code -50 appears). Then I couldn't reboot - but I could run recovery mode - checked my hdd and everything - removed hdd formatted it, installed lion and it reoccured. Then I bought a new HDD - everything worked fine until now.. Same problem (error code -50), and I know what's going to happen next. Now I know it has nothing to do with the hard drive - but does any of you have an idea of how to resolve this?
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    MacUser2525:~$ macerror -50
    Mac OS error -50 (paramErr): error in user parameter list
    Which I think would indicate some program doing something stupid to the OS. Only thing I could see to do to find it is just use one program at a time shut it down/restart then see if it shows up after doing so. Since you mention problem deleting files perhaps a through testing of Finder would be in order.
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    It happened after using utorrents maybe. But I dont think its the problem because I have used utorrent for years now. And I have formatted the drive. And bought a new one, and the same problems occur even though I havent installed many programs.

    How do I test finder?
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    To test Finder move, copy, rename some files, change the preferences things like that anything it will allow you to do. As to utorrent does it still have the bug that causes the indexing service to run at all times due to it not leaving the file alone after download. That is the killer that stopped me from using it who knows if they did anything else that stupid. Since you can do this on fresh install you should install your programs one at a time use each one a day or two when the problem shows up it will most likely be the last program you installed doing it, test out just the basic OS first though.
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    Thx for your reply :)

    I'll try what you said after my finals :) cuz I need my mac now. But I've installed utorrent again and I'm using it with no problems so far - running my OS from External drive...
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    Your welcome hopefully you get it sorted out.

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