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Error Message after PC to Mac Switch

Discussion in 'iPod' started by samuraikiss, Nov 3, 2007.

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    I just moved my entire music library from my old PC paperweight to my new MacBook. So I plugged in my iPod to the latter this afternoon and engaged in the sync process. But when I view the 'Pod by clicking "devices", then "iPod", and looking at "summary", there's an error message next to "update". It says "Only Macintosh-formatted iPods can be updated."

    What does this mean? Should I erase everything off the iPod and start again? Is it possible to format it for a Mac after two years of PC service? (I have a fourth generation 20gb white iPod classic.)

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    mad jew

    Well, you won't be able to upgrade the firmware unless you have access to a PC. However, you can easily use iTunes on the Mac to reformat it for Mac and get it up to date. The only drawbacks are that it won't then be able to work on a PC and also the reformat will erase everything from the actual iPod's drive. :)
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    How would I reformat my iPod to my MacBook? Sorry if that's a silly question.
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    Click the restore button in iTunes. That will delete everything and format it for a Mac.
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    Did it, and the error message is gone. Thank you!

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