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ESPN Networks

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Tilpots, Nov 7, 2010.

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    Anybody know how to access ESPN Networks without subscribing to ESPN through Time Warner Cable (in my case) or other cable subscriber?

    I dropped cable about 8 months ago, but before I did, I signed up for a TV Everywhere login. This gives me access to ESPN3 thru TWC even though it's also supposed to be subscriber only. Problem is, ESPN Networks site doesn't have a place to login and continually gives me this message:

    How could they know I don't subscribe? Is there a way around this?

    I chatted with a TWC customer service rep and they didn't even know the ESPN Network site existed. Go figure. Before TWC was allowed access to ESPN3, I called ESPN to figure out how to access the site and they recommended i use a friend or family members password. I did and it worked great long before TWC officially supported it. So now I'm looking for the same unofficially official way to view the site. It's got Sportscenter and Monday Night Football, so please help a brotha out!
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    yea...I'd like to know as well.

    TWC has a deal with ESPN now but the limit it to only there Bundle subscribers...you are out of luck if you only have their internet service.

    Uverse is supposed to be coming through the area soon. I hate TWC more than any other company in the world but they are a monopoly here. Once Uverse comes through, I'm ditching TWCrapple in a heartbeat.
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    I hate TWC with a passion, too. I need them for internet, though. they're the only high speed internet in town, and they're really not even that fast. My AT&T 3G upload speed is ten times faster. Worst part is, I don't think any other company has plans to come here anytime soon.

    So how can they know that I don't have a cable subscription? It never prompts for a password. If I was at a Starbucks, how in the heck could they know? I'm on a Mini, so the Starbucks thing would be hard, but I might need to try it out to see what would happen. Anyone know before I disconnect my entire setup?
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    Man, that's such a nice town you live i tho...too bad TWC is the only game there...

    I'm in Greensboro and its take ATT a good long time to get Uverse in here. I'm pretty sure ATT has plans to wire up most of the state...so be patient. It might take 10 years, but hopefully you'll have other options soon...
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    I'm in raleigh, and was singing your song, then uverse came to town. It is no better than TWC in terms of features and worse in some areas. The HD quality is lower, your internet is slow when you are watching too many HD tv streams... and it is more expensive. You also can't just get uverse internet, you have to get the bundle, then cancel the tv and go through a bunch of bs to get just internet. Until someone offers fiber to the premises, there is no hope....
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    Thanks, and yes, it truly sucks that TWC is here. Can't frickin' stand them.

    I want Uverse for the internet. I've already dropped cable and I don't plan on going back, at least not anytime soon. I wouldn't mind jumping thru hoops to get Uverse, either. I've had TWC for 16 years and they've gotten a little bit worse every one of 'em.

    I work in TV so I'm gonna call a TWC contact today to see what I can find out. I'll report what I find...
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    Tried Justin.TV?

    A friend referenced Justin.TV to me for accessing television stations. Not sure of the quality. Have not tried it myself. Just from word of mouth.
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    Yeah, it can be alright at times, but often the streams of games are illegal and get taken down during the middle of the games, and sometimes the quality is just awful. Many times, they're just passing along what ESPN is streaming anyway. I'd much prefer to have it done properly thru ESPN's site.

    Don't get me wrong Justin.TV has it's uses, I just want to figure out how to get access to the Mothership.

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