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European Carriers Stockpiling Nano-SIMs Ahead of Expected Upcoming iPhone Launch

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Following the selection of Apple's proposed design as the new nano-SIM standard last month, Financial Times reports that European carriers have begun stockpiling the new nano-SIMs in expectation that Apple's next-generation iPhone will be launching using the new standard in the coming months.

    Apple's nano-SIM design next to current micro-SIM (Source: The Verge)
    Back in May, however, one iPhone parts vendor posted what was said to be the SIM tray for the next-generation iPhone, with the part appearing nearly identical to the micro-SIM tray found in the iPhone 4S. If that part is genuine, it would appear that Apple has either chosen to continue using the micro-SIM standard or has quickly changed course with the ratification of the nano-SIM standard to embrace the smaller design.

    Article Link: European Carriers Stockpiling Nano-SIMs Ahead of Expected Upcoming iPhone Launch
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    Looks like the nano SIM basically just eliminated the plastic edges around the metal part, why didn't they do that to begin with?
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    i was thinking the same thing.....
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    Here's hoping that GiffGaff are part of the effort (or do they get their SIMs from o2 as well?).
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    News Flash: There are nano-sims. Could be for iPhone, might not be though.
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    so my cousin got a new samsung the other day and i got so used to microsim that i broke the sim out of the bigger plastic thingy only to find out that it wouldnt fit anymore ... tried it anyway and then the sim was stuck in her phone. needless to say my cousin was about to kill me :D
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    is this just a ploy to stop people cutting down regular sized sims to fit so that they can charge much more for 'iPhone' price plans...?
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    Like mini-DVI, mini-displayport and micro SIM you can always rely on Apple to make stuff redundant after very, very little time.

    iMac G5 with iSight Camera? NO here have some Intel iMac a few months later.

    And to think there are kids growing up today that will never see a Firewire cable.
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    No. They can still do that with the new nano sim.
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    Nano my arse. That's the biggest 1MB memory card in production.
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    I hope that people will be able to use normal sims that have been cut in this slot. Because remember, nanosim is also slimmer.
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    Oh really. These "sources" are genius :rolleyes:
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    To some extent maybe, but I believe it's more Apple trying to make more room for other components, like the battery for example. Not too much space, but inside an iPhone, a millimeter is like a mile in the real world.
  14. JayTruth, Jul 16, 2012
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    Will my tmobile $30 100 min sim work in here if I cut it?
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    Nano sim with large reinforced sim tray which combined equal size of normal sim... ;) almost an oxymoron of design :)
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    Why is this stockpiling only being reported as a European phenomenon? #justcurious
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    Once in awhile I think Apple does things, just to grab more headlines, attention and controversy. It's a brilliant strategy, even if it can be rather trivial and annoying. No one ever said that Apple is boring :)
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    Oh yippe another pain in the ass sim card switch. I can't wait till we get to the point where they annihilate the sim card in its entirety, and any of its conveniences altogether. :rolleyes:
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    Can a Nano-SIM be cut out of a Micro SIM? (Like how a Micro SIM can be cut down from a normal SIM)
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    Micro-sim hasn't even been fully adopted and we are already going to nano-sim...
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    So what?

    How about Apple supplies the SIM? Then, you just have to register it with the provider.
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    Can anyone explain why we actually have sim cards rather than some kind of internal chip? Would it not be easier to have a built in chip which just gets registered with whatever carrier you go with?
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    Won't have the right codes.


    Because Verizon and Sprint do that and they have proven again and again how it is a TERRIBLE idea.
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    In theory, that would be great: if the chip was entirely in your control, then you could just download a new set of carrier codes onto the fixed chip and -- BOOM -- you've switched carriers. Nice. :cool:

    Unfortunately, in practise the carriers would only accept such a system if *they* were the one's in charge of the chip, and then you'd end up with a horrible super-locked-down system like with CDMA in the USA (and a couple other countries). It's a pity, but there ya go. :mad:

    Anyway, such a chip was proposed (by Apple, I think), and sure enough the carriers refused to cooperate. So it's a no go. :(

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