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Eurotunnel drill up for auction

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by iGav, Apr 4, 2004.

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    i'm surprised that a technical meseum over there doesn't want it...?
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    I should buy this. I need a deeper basement. :p
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    That drill sounds as though it's right up your alley iGAV. Seriously though the organizations that will receive the money are very worthy indeed. "Proceeds from the sale will be shared by McMillan Nurses, Demelza House Hospice and Pilgrims Hospice." My mother was under Hospice care her last week of life. They really provide comfort and dignity to death.
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    Hmm, with that, I could make a private line between home and Boston! :D
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    Didn't they do the same with another one of those a few years ago? Can't remember who bought it... and I could be completely wrong anyway. So just ignore this, I guess. Unless you happen to know that they DID, in which case I'd kind of like to know about it, to know that I'm not going nuts.

    PS -- read the above paragraph in a "Douglas Adams" voice for it to seem more sensible (unfortunately also making it seem incredibly daft).

    PPS -- yes, I KNOW I have a D.A. quote as my signature. I love those books, okay?!?
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    iGav, if you are the winning bidder, could I borrow it sometime? I've a few shelves that I've been meaning to put up but never had the right size drill bit.
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    ;) :p :)
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    Federal Reserve, here I come... [EVIL]Mwooah ha ha ha! Mwooah ha ha ha![/EVIL]
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    Too bad it's not operational. They need to put a couple of wide tunnels across Puget Sound.
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    Cool, I could dig my own tunnel direct in to work :cool:
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