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Evaluate my logo please

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by dasp06, Feb 4, 2008.

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    Hi All,
    I am starting off by graphic designing business under the name "Drawing Pencil". May I request you to have a look at my logo (file attached) and give your constructive feedback please. You can also visit my website: www.drawingpencil.net
    Awating response,
    Thanks and regards,
    P Das
    New Delhi, India

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    The font is a little hard to read, but I like the reflection idea.
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    Evaluate my logo please

    Dear "forafireescape",
    Thanks a lot for your comments. The font is created by me. I'll try and improve it further.
    Thanks again,

    Since I think the word document may not sometimes open correctly, I'm attaching an .Gif file for easier viewing.

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    I like it, I do agree the font is a touch hard to read. Maybe something along the same lines (Thin) but a little easier style to read?
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    The logo looks really good. The website though, awful! :eek:
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    the distance between the P and the E in 'pencil' looks a bit odd.
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    The font, I agree, is very hard to read. The logo is fine. Maybe find a font that is thick like the logo? And as an aside, the name "Drawing Pencil" seems incredibly redundant to me. That's like calling a taxi service "Driving Car".
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    Don't panic

    i would eliminate the dot on the i, or at least make it a point same size as the letter's body
    also try to flip upside down the e and/or the c, it might read better.
    possibly also an horizontal flip of the w may balance it more.
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    Thanks a ton

    Dear All,
    Thanks a ton for your invaluable feedback on my logo. Points well taken for improvement.

    Dear 'edesignuk', could you please suggest how I can make my website look better? I shall be grateful.

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    Don't take this the wrong way but you're going into graphic design and you can't decide if your logo is any good or if YOU like your logo - its your business and it has to be a reflection of YOU - you are the company and only you know if a logo fits your business.

    Besides I would have serious concerns if I couldn't design a logo for my own graphic design business as in my view any potential customer out there who who has seen (or heard of) this thread for example would be thinking if he can't decide if his own design is any good how would he get on with mine.

    As to the website - whats wrong with it - well lets put it this way I wouldn't use you because of it. If you can't do web design pay someone to do it for you as a poor design on a website will make people question whether you're any good at your design work.
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    improvement is never ending

    Dear LEVIG,
    Thanks for your frank opinion. I appreciate it.
    However, since I believe that improvement is a never ending process, I will be always open to feedback from good samaritans like you and all who have so far responded.
    With regards,
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    Theres also the aspect of taking a design too far. You have to find a balance which only you can decide on.
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    What is with the reflection? So overdone and doesn't add anything except reproduction issues.
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    Regarding the website, it just does not look very professional in its presentation or design imo. It looks rather "student" like (no offense to students), or the website of someone who is just learning web design (perhaps you are not yet very experienced in web design).

    I would also suggest finding a company or freelance partner that can produce a sleek, modern design for you. As you develop your design skills with further work you can then go back and design a site for yourself once you are a little more seasoned and competent in web design. There are lots of good design books out there and you can learn a lot about design by surfing the net and reading through tutorials/forums/discussions and articles etc.

    As an example, I just googled "freelance graphic design" and pulled the following 2 sites. Clearly the first is quite elaborate, but the second is pretty much a static site but both are layed out and designed effectively and should provide you with a standard as to what is out there in the market.

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    I like the logo. - Maybe slightly less reflection and less curve on the W to make it a bit easier to read but I do like it.

    The main thing that I disliked about the website are those 4 vertical blocks off to the right.
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    Not trying to be an ass, but this seems to be another example of someone with a computer and the desire to be a graphic designer thinking that that is all it takes. Your experience and knowledge of graphic design is clearly not at the level at which you can begin charging people for your work. Your logos seem to be no more than clip art and bad font choices. Sorry, just a reality check.

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