Even Cnet is iPod bitching...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by bertagert, Mar 17, 2003.

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    Just read this artcile from cnet.com, hopefully this will prompt Apple to release the new iPods sooner.

    They did say that the delay might be because Apple might be waiting for the war to get out of news, hard drives don't have the yeilds yet or cuz they're waiting to launch with the music service.

    Either way, hopefully enough people complaining will get these new iPods out! I know I'm waiting.
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    Yeah it's kind of stupid to do it for this long, even if they have limited models sell them is small quanties instead of the stock pile and mass release system.
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    yeah this is getting annoying. its been way to long.

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    Mr. Anderson

    So you're all complaining because you're patiently awaiting new models that you'll run out and purchase - or you're complaining because you just like it? ;)

    All the reasons you've given for the delay are valid - we'll see an update, but its not like its going to be ground breaking, you think?

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    I've read a lot of articles on CNET from the author Ian Fried. In general, he seems to focus more of what has been lacking than what has been available.

    Big deal. Sometimes Apple waits longer to introduce new models. Do you think it will be worth it?

    Apple's last clamshell iBook was introduced September 2000. Their Powerbook-like Dual USB 500MHz update arrived in May 2001, a difference of eight months. Was it worth the wait? Yes.

    Apple's last G3 Powerbook was introduced February 2000, correct? The first production Powerbook G4 was introduced January 2001, a wait of eleven months. Was it worth the wait? Yes.

    Now Apple has a new iPod coming along, and it has been eight months since the 20GB model. Will this be worth the wait? Yes. So ease out a little, guys.
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    In those cases, were the entry level products unavailable for 3 months? o_O

    (I honestly don't remember...)
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    I would like a 5gig iPod. But I can't buy a new one from www.Apple.com :(

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    I have been patient for new iPods and will continue being patient. I would really like to have one, but am in no great hurry. My Rio 500 is getting me by until the day I can have an iPod. The only thing stopping me from buying one right now is that I hate to buy something and it gets updated right away. If it gets updated six months down the road after purchase I don't much care. Either way, I am sure it will be worth the wait.
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    See, the thing is, some people say that apple needs to at least release them, even if they are in limited quantities. Well, then, if that happened, we would have people (probably some of the same ones) complaining b/c they are on backorder or not yet shipping (like the 17" PB). And the iPod has a LOT larger of a market than Macs do b/c they are cross-platform, so Apple is going to have to stock-pile them to be remotely ready for distribution.
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    So what are you saying? Apple is in the business of selling hardware, that they can't distribute on a timely basis? Am I supposed to accept that? Hell no! If Apple can't distribute them, why offer them for sale? It just makes them look even stupider.
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    I totally agree, and that has been Apple's rep for a long time, especially with the first generation of the first bondi iMacs. They need to release the products when they have them in stock. I originally was gonna get my iMac G4 back in January 2002, but they were on back order till a couple months later. I ended up getting one in June, 6 months later than the original release! I wanted a new iPod really bad, but I couldnt wait, I revolve around music, so i bought a refurbished 10Gb iPod, and I love it to death. Apple may just lose customers 'cause they cannot meet consumer demand. Its rediculous, and its making my dad, who wants a 17" powerbook, to start looking at the new widescreen Dells, which are shipping quickly, if I am not mistaken!!!

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    Heres what I'm thinking:

    I just want a few 5 gig ipods now. If they are no longer being made, please introduce (what I believe to be the next entry level ipod) the 10 gig as the base model so I can get some. I don't want to pay 400 clams for the base model. Kind of like the article said, if Apple doesn't get a base model they're going to miss a lot of sales. I personally will wait for one and not go to a competitor because I find the ipod to be the best in its class. Not many other people will feel the same though.

    Its not a huge deal to me. I just have a few birthday presents to give in the coming months and I figured ipods would hit the spot. So, Apple, get me a base model again. I'm running out of time and I was late on everyone's birthday last year.
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    I agree with that CNet article. I have been interested in buying an iPod for several months now, but am hesitant to buy because an update seems so apparent. You would think the fact that the 5gb model has been unavailable for a couple of months now and the 10 and 20gb models are hard to find is a great indication that an update is very near. But Apple continues to hold off the update. Apple must be losing money in this situation. Perhaps the update has been delayed by reasons beyond their control (war with Iraq). I'm dissapointed in Apple's strategy on this issue, so much so that I have begun looking at other options for an mp3 player.
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    powerbook 17's are shipping, i wll have it possible tomorrow.

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    sweet, please post some pics if you get it!!!!!!!
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    What I am saying is that maybe Apple doesn't want that to happen anymore. Maybe the are not releasing the new iPod b/c they don't have enough to meet demand yet, and they don't want people to be angry b/c the iPod is on such backorder. They can't make that blunder, especially since this is a cross-platform accessory. The last thing they need is the Windows community hating them even more. For the most part, they feel they have the Mac community in their back-pocket, and they just want "switchers."

    You know what would be nice? It would be nice if they were on such back-order with the 5GB iPod b/c they were going to give them away with new Macs. I mean, they make a killer on them anyway, so instead of offering them at say $199, they will discontinue the selling of it and start giving it away. Maybe they will give it away with new Laptops to try and get more people buying them. I think it would be more economical for Apple to do that than provide rebates and price cuts for the new computers.

    Just food for thought.
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    Apple isn't offering them for sale. No official statement has said there will be a new wave of iPods, we just strongly suspect that there will be. In order to avoid the shrill cry of the peanut gallery, they probably won't offer them for sale until there are pleanty available (and the new music service and the new iTunes are ready to go.) How can you criticize a company for not shipping a product that hasn't even been announced?
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    How do you know all this!? :D
    You're just guessing wildly!
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    Us in Apple's back pocket? That is blasphamy! I better go home and pray to my iMac that my sins may be forgiven;). And I know I shouldn't have called them "switchers" but rather, diciples of the Mac God (or Steve Jobs, take your pick):D.
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    Never say never... I'm in Jaguar now :)

    As an Apple custumer I have learned my lesson.

    The iPod is in its midle stages, the real good stuff is coming over, the wait will be worth it.

    Apple always do that, it is the same marketing over and over, for example:

    With the Powerbook G3 line they started with a very cheap model, even the technology was avalible they allways burn the bullets little by little, until they lunched the PB G3 400/500 line, you can not add any more features to something. Then they came with the Ti, now people want to trow those things away, no one wants to know about a Ti G4 400 bueacuse when they couln't add any more fetures, pum! 17" and 12", but I bet you the next 15" is gonna be better than the 17" & 12" some how. Then who knows.

    The same with the iMac.. pum! new iMac 15" and now 17".

    With the iPod we can expect something really good, Apple is doing big jumps lately, why? beacuse of the resesion, people are taking care a bit more about their money and the only way to equalize the market is offering a bit (lot) more of features. Most of the Apple products are close to exotics piece of hardware.

    Any way, I can wait for a new iPod to come out, the actual top of the line is way too overated for the price. I may get it discontinued later for a third of the actual price as I did with my Pismos.
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    Yeah, the only reason I can see for them delaying the new iPods so long is that they're going to have a MAJOR overhaul. The larger hard drives have been available for awhile. The only possible explanation is that they're adding some big new features in addition to larger capacity. That is, unless they're just waiting for the next Mac Expo.
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    its offical I just got an e-mail from apple saying my ipod is not going to ship today. I ordered it last week and it was suppost to be shipped by today but now its on or before the 24th... I realy need this I cant be without music when Im not home going some where and I reason I bought this was before my walkman broke. I thought they had these things in stock? I realy dont need any updated ipod thats gonna be comming out, whats out now (the 10gb which I ordered) is all I need accually probably perfect size.
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    I dont get this, I ordered a refurbished 10GB last sunday, they shipped it on monday and I got it on friday. Why would mine be here so quick when yours is still waiting to be shipped to you. I know how you felt, i had to use a CD player on my schools retreat adn i almost lost my mind. I am so happy i didnt wait for the new ones, its gonna be a while for the people waiting!!!sorry guys, and i doubt it will be a major update, maybe just price drops and HD upgrades and maybe some cosmetic changes!!!
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    you said you got a refurbished one sent to you.. could be that they just dont have any new ones in stock and I'll say it again I dont realy care about getting a new one I just want the one I ordered now because every where I go I take the train living in boston and walk and when Im not with one of my friends I need something playing my music to not feel so bored when Im goin some where

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