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everyones wrong!

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by Obsidian, Nov 30, 2001.

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    Woulnt it just be the coolest thing if ALL of the rumor sites were wrong, and every anonamouse poster was totally off?
    immagine if apple totally blew EVERYONE away and released a 3.0ghz G5 high end with ddr, and gigawire, and the works? :)

    i dont know about you, but that just might make me get a job lol...

    i know this is wrong, but we can always hope, cant we?!

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    Do you wanna start one of thouse useless discutions about nothing?
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    well, it seems to happen alot, and they usually are pretty funny to read, so, YES!! :)
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    cube and ipod

    i thought the cube and ipod(mp3 player) were some of the most ridiculous rumors i have heard on this board and they both came true...i had grown so used to the 2x2 hardware matrix, which we know now is outdated...so i guess anything goes
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    The iPod was not even had chance for a rumor. No one knew what it was until it came out. The same with the Cube.
    The only real rumor about hardware was the lates G4 and that was a week before.

    Right now is very far away from having a consistent rumor about something.

    At list I can tell G5 is gonna happen early next year.
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    Didn't know that iPod was coming out? I knew three weeks before launch - and I can't have been the only one.
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    Actually there were loads of rumors about iPod, the boards were filled with it.

    I heard about the cube aswell, though not many of them.

    I doubt the G5 will debut very early next year. Ok, possibly february, but not before.
    I think even february is too early.
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    I still beleive that Apple will have there G5's ready for MWSF, but I am unsure about top speeds. As most people read at places like http://www.macosrumors.com/ , they claim that the G5 will be released at top speeds 1.6GHz. I hope this is correct, becasue mac users not only deserve, but are demanding higher speeds, and the future of Apple may depend on it.

    When the G3 Yosemetie first made its debut, it sported a totally new case design, and a new way of acessing its internals (totally getting rid of the horrible designs of the 500/600 series towers [ie my 8500]).
    Then, with the G4, a little way along, the Cube showed up. Though it did not sell for reasons of pricing, it left a legacy behind - and that being, in my oppinion, to far ahead of its time.

    This leaves to see if, a little while after the G5 debuts; Will there be a high-end consumer model G5 @ 1.0GHz?[assuming that 1.6GHz will be the top end of the PM line]
    If this new machine were to fill its niche in the consumer market, or serve some other purpose in the galactic grandeur of the digital hub, we should be gauronteed that it will not fail(unless Apple makes the same mistake twice). But if anything, Apple has shown us in the past, they do not make the same mistake twice. So if they were to attempt something like the cube again, they would idealy change the price, and aim of the divice, so that it can not be put aside so easaly.

    As an end to my blabber, I am not sayin there will be a sphere, and I highly doubt there will be, but there may be other ultra-compact supercomputers on the not-so-far horizon.

    :p :D :) :eek:
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    Ofcourse there wont be a sphere, its ********.
    This sphere rumor first came up after the cube was launched, some gimp was trying to make some ******** rumor up so he thought, hmmmm.....shapes....hmmm......cube........hmmmmm sphere!

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    i still feel that there is a lot of wasted space in the front bottom of normal towers. that's why the cube concept was actually pretty good-it didn't have any wasted space. i would really like to see a new design of the towers to eliminate all this open space.

    and i actually agree with spikey about the sphere.

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