Everything crashed!!// Multiple Apple ID Issue

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    Ugh. when I was typing this on my iPad. It asked me to re-log in again to the forum and my post was gone and I had to re-type it again. what an unlucky computing day for me. :(

    Here's what happened:
    I updated my iMac to ML a day ago and I had so much issues with it--more than Lion (and I didn't even like Lion!). The sound wasn't working (fixed now) It still scrolls very very very sluggishly sometimes (this kinda happens out of nowhere for no particular reason but I am using Chrome). Spotlight indexes for a while after a restart. iTues has crashed multiple of times especially if it's in the FS mode. That's some of the issues for ML.

    Now let's begin with the Apple ID issue shall we...
    when I first updated to iOS5, Apple/iTunes/iOS5 FORCED me to get a me.com address for iCloud. I just couldn't sign in using my regular gmail apple ID which I have been using. So, I made one unbeknownst to me that it created a whole NEW Apple ID. Skip to today, I want to unify the 2 Apple ID's. And Guess what? Apple doesn't let you. on the Apple help page it says to stick to 1 main Apple ID. So, I decided to stick with the gmail one since I use that the most. so, when I was change up all the icloud apple ids to the gmail one on my iDevices, my iMac just crashed. IDK if this is related to the Apple ID change or just ML in general. I have 16 G of ram. it was using UP all the ram (15.9!) what's going on?!

    Do I need to do a fresh install?! if so how? USB? it's not very convenient via app store! :(

    Anyways, I'm still having issue with the apple ID b/c I cannot sync notes without a me.com email. it asks me to re-create another one! I cannot move my original me.com email b/c it's the primary email/apple id--you can't change that! :mad: So, naturally I phoned Apple for help. the girl basically wanted to transfer me to the mac department but I know they won't be able to help me there b/c apple IDs are a database issue not a hardware/minor software problem with ML. Then, she suggested that I contact iTunes to have them deactivate my me.com apple ID so maybe just maybe I can move that me.com email to my gmail apple ID so I can sync notes.

    This is very frustrating. I like Apple's design and hardware design but they need to look into their 'software'/ database problems. I was ok with Snow Leopard even though it had limited finder/ trash functions and not a unified way to remove apps/programs BECAUSE of expose and the lack of 'issues'. Now with Lion and ML's 'mission control' i cannot see minimized apps via mission control.
    So... this seriously doesn't "just work".

    just incase you can't see my signature I have
    iPhone 4; iPad 2 16 white; 2011 iMac 27 i5
    the 2011 iMac is ok with ML I checked it before I updated ofc.
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    hmm funny. not. If you're not helpful just don't help at all ok? it's just bad karma going your way. :rolleyes: Also, what makes your the cheer leader for Apple. *imagines you in a cheerleader outfit* cute. LOL

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