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Excel on iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by CrymTym, Sep 13, 2008.

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    I Dont Understand

    Can u Displaay Excel spreadsheets on iPhone


    if so

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    You can, but only if someone emails one to your (or you email one to yourself). There isn't any support to edit one natively - not sure if there's an app in the app store that does?
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    To add:

    There are some apps that let you move (copy) an Excel spreadsheet from your Mac to the iPhone/Touch.

    You can then view the spreadsheet via a viewer, but you cannot edit the spreadsheet.
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    programs such as datacase, air sharing, files etc will let you connect to your pc or mac via wifi and copy across files, including excel files, which can be viewed, but not edited on the iphone
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    I Have The Air Sharing App Now Whatt?

    and What is Viewer??
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    Use the Air Sharing App to copy files from your computer to your iPhone/Touch.

    Then using your iPhone/Touch, click on your Excel files to open them up and to view them.
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    is that the only way i can view them? by going on air sharing?
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    yes, or email them to yourself
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    My question is, can you, or is there an app that allows you to, view excel spreadsheets with macros enabled?
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    if i email em to myself via hotmail i can only receive them via safari so how do i download them?
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    help please?
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    you can't download attachments (apart from photos)

    what is it you want to be able to do? view excel files? if so, email them to yourself or use files, air sharing, datacase etc
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    i can only view the excel files on air sharing then :S

    is there no other way to view them?
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    yes, if you email them to yourself

    there are two, and only two ways to view files:
    via email or air sharing, datacase etc

    how else do you expect/want to view them?
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    maybe on notes or something?
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    You can't edit it yet (unless there is a new app that just appeared in the app store).

    Email it to an account you have on your iphone. Click on the little attachment icon in the email. Once it is done downloading click on it and it will open up in a new window for you.

    I have done this with the following version of excel, 2000, 2003, 2007. They all worked fine. I don't know if macro's work or not. But if you can't edit it, would you need macro's?

    Hopefully this helps......
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    nope. excel files can only be opened, if saved directly on the phone, with special viewer programs, like those already mentioned (datacase, files etc)
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    how would notes work?

    i suggest air sharing
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    help much appreciated

    But I think I'll make a g-mail account and then email to myself :)

    Thanks though

    Now going a little off topic but is there a possibility apple might make the 2G's resolution match the 3G's? Because they're alot different?!?!
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    no they're not. the screens are exactly the same
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    the screens are different. 3G is way better resolution.

    Anyone agree?
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    old iPhone:

    iPhone 3G:

    same display
    and how can apple update the resolution of the iphone 2g. resolution is hardware, and they don't produce the iphone 2g anymore
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    I know they don't produce them but if u hold the two together ull see the3G screen luks different
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    its brighter, but the resolution is the same, and you asked about the resolution


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