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ExpoWiki.org - Downloading!

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by XIII, May 25, 2006.

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    Hi all.

    So, you want to watch those Apple Keynotes, and you want to download them - keep them on your computer, or watch ones that Apple doesn't have up anymore. This really works as AppleKeynotes.com did, but with a bit more protection for the people behind it.

    1. To protect ourselves somewhat, we require you to register in the ExpoWiki.org forum before you can get the passwords to log into the site, and to download. The forum is found here, and to go directly to the registration page, click here.

    2. Having registered, you will find a locked forum, with the latest passwords to login to the site, and to download. Make sure you check back here fairly regularly, as passwords will be changed to keep server load down.

    3. Head over to ExpoWiki.org, and enter the first password, to access the site.

    4. From the main site menu, you can browse around the categories, look at our entire directory of keynotes, and choose one, or many, to download.

    5. In the download password screen that comes up, enter the second downloading password from the forum, and the download should start immediately.

    6. Enjoy! If you appreciate the work that has gone into this, and use the resource - please contribute. This is paid for solely out of the owners own pockets, and any support is much appreciated. To donate via PayPal, click here.

    Any feedback, comments or suggestions are welcomed. Please let us know what you think in this thread.


    EDIT 9/6/06: Digg story
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    Bump - Totally rewritten first post, and the site has been refreshed. 4/6/06.
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    Mac Fly (film)

    I've registered, and logged in automatically. Now how do I download the keynotes? :confused:
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    A new forum appears - called passwords. Read the threads in that forum. :)
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    If someone gets a message saying that quicktime is missing components, then what would that person need to download in order to play the files on your site?
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    this is a really cool site, but is there any compilation of all these files in either a .dmg or .tgz? that'd make the whole process easier and quicker
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    there use to be a torrent for all of them. I think it was around 10gigs. Not sure if its still up or not, but try looking around for it. just search for apple keynotes.
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    Perhaps one for the future, but we don't really have the time to upload that sort of file, or the server space, at the moment. Thanks.

    Use VLC to play the file.
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    The registartion bit, doesn't seem to be working.
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    i dont see a forum called passwords, all i see is a test forum HELP?
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    last week their host went down, they are reinstalling everything, as far as i understood.
    by now, www.expowiki.org isn't even working.

    let's hope they get up soon!

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    Hey guys,

    The site is now back, new host, full speed, links fixed. I am uploading the files to the server as we speak. As soon as each file is done uploading it will be available. So if you try to download a file and it doesn't work at the moment, that just means that it hasnt been uploaded [yet], and to try back each day.

    Thanks for your paitience!
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    This really seems like a very, very cool site!

    You guys sure this can stay up?

    I have just registered, and went around browsing... must admit I have to figure out how to get the passwds for downloading....
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    Follow the instructions in the first post.

    We will try to keep it up as long as legally possible. :)
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    Yeah, I found it already :)

    Excellent stuff!!! :cool:
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    Thanks to Justin/iRadeon's uploading all of the Keynotes onto the new server, and Patrick (sorry, I can't remember your MR username!) and Michael's descriptions, ExpoWiki.org is now fully functioning, lada lada. :p

    Don't forget to donate if you appreciate all our hard work! Thanks.
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    This sounds cool but isn't this technically illegal? If not I guess I'll sign up lol :)
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    Think what you think about it. We aren't making money from them - in fact, we are losing money, and Apple don't provide a way to watch these keynotes. If we are asked to stop what we are doing, we will of course do so.

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