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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by quigleybc, Sep 1, 2005.

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    can someone briefly explain the exsp24 in LE express to me.

    i want to use it the way that I use the nnxt in reason.

    mapping simple wav samples of vocals, or horn hits. My own samples that is.

    I know i can add sample banks from east west giga sample libraries, and I have all the jam packs and they work great.

    but can I just import a wav sample that i made and just have it automatically be mapped across my midi keyboard?

    The nnxt and nn19 in reason are great for that type of quick sample triggering. But rewiring reason just for the sampler functions seems tedious.

    Is the exsp24 a sampler in that regard?

    Also, the audio file player. Is that simply for having a list of audio files for previewing? Or can that be used for sample triggering?

    I asked this question on the logic discussion board and received no reply's.

    It's probably a dumb question that could be answered by burying my nose in the manual, but I'm going to ask it anyway.. :)

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    The EXSP24 is a playback only sampler, i.e. it will play properly formatted sampler instruments, but won't let you create your own instruments...

    It's one of the main reasons I'd use Pro not Express.

    In all other respects the EXS24 acts like the NN19 and Kontact etc. it's a fully featured multisampler.
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    AHHHH, ok

    thanks wintermute, so is Kontakt the way to go then (other than reason)?

    or is there a simpler, less expensive way to go?

    and what's the audio file player mainly used for?
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    Kontact is very good, but I'd suggest you upgrade to the Pro version of logic if you can afford it, EXS24 is one of the best features of Logic, it's a great sampler all round and integrates very well with the sequencer.

    There are a few cheaper sampler plug-ins around, I don't use a sampler habitually, but I'm sure others will make suggestions here.
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    Ok, well, I'm not sure I can afford to upgrade to Pro just yet..thanks for the advice..


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