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Extend HSF into a EXT3 partition w/o format?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by h4ckintosh, Mar 19, 2005.

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    ok ok, I love *NIXes in general and LOVE macs :) . My problem is this: I recently reformatted and installed Linux on the main partition (since yaboot needs to be on this to boot), and OS X on the secondary. Well, I really just am too lazy config it knowing that its not really any use since I use X11 and this is not a server, SOOO I wanna reclaim my 25GB... can I extend the HFS+ into that partition w/o reformat? Just curious. Thanks! :)
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    You might try some partitioning software that AFAIK can resize HFS+ without destruction, but they are commercial, and I don't know if the support multiple formats too.... but you might check them out.
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    There is a linux program (I've used it on the Gentoo live cd) called parted. I'm pretty sure it can change partiton sizes without losing data.

    On another note that may be easier: Have you though of fomating it, but keeping it as a separate partition?
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    Yeah, you might want to try partitioning the Linux partition into HFS+ so you'll have 2 HFS+ volumes. Then you can find commercial partition software to join them.
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    ok, cool. Well, I bought iPartition, and will do just that. Thanks for the help and quick responses (...and why didn't I think of that) :rolleyes: ;)

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